Stanford Event and Annual Meeting
April 5, 1998

Stanford, with its easy access and friendly terrain is a perennial favorite for both newcomers and BAOC'ers.

Courses: Start-O, White, Pink (white difficulty, longer distance), Yellow, Orange, and Long Orange.

Registration, start/finish and beginners clinics will be at the New Student Union. Starts are from 9:30-noon.

Late-breaking pre-event information

Start-O: 0.5K, no climb, no streets, two fountains

White: 1.7K, negligible climb; does not cross major streets

Yellow: 2.3K, negligible climb; does not cross major streets

Pink: 3.2K, negligible climb; some crossing of major streets

Orange: 4.6K, negligible climb; some crossing of major streets

Long Orange: 6.0K, negligible climb; some crossing of major streets

General meet notes:

1. Sunday, April 5 is Founder's Day at Stanford. There will be programming in the Main Quad over mid-day.  Therefore, THE MAIN QUAD IS OFF-LIMITS to orienteers that day (so declare the meet directors).

2. The San Jose Clash pro soccer team will be playing at Stanford Stadium at noon on 4/5. We strongly recommend that you arrive early in order to avoid the traffic, and in order to find a place to park.

3. Parking: there is a large parking lot immediately south of Tressider Memorial Union (the location of start/finish/registration). Parking meters and other (non-handicapped) parking restrictions, such as special stickers are not enforced on Sunday.

4. Because of the member's meeting/social at noon, starts will open at 9:30 instead of 10. (Pre-runners such as meet workers can start earlier; things should be ready by 9 am). As this meet has been advertised to the general public, courses will continue to remain open until 2pm.

5. WARNING: Ditches on the map are deep and may be water-filled.

6. The map was field-checked in fall of 1994. As is true for most urban park maps, things have changed over time. In general, we have tried to indicate map corrections where we feel that there will be an effect on navigation, but be prepared for some unnoted changes.

- trails: some new ones, some no longer exist, some trail grades have changed (e.g. some unpaved trails are now paved). In some areas it  is hard to sort out the trail network at all, as vehicles have obliterated the trails.

- fences: some new ones, some no longer exist.

  - in some areas of the map, there are many more man-made features than are mapped.

- there has been a building boom at Stanford. In some sections, buildings have been torn down and rebuilt (they will be indicated as new construction on the map, where it is "safe" to travel through that area but the reality won't match the map). There is an immense amount of construction in progress -- we've tried to note where this happens, especially if it blocks pedestrian access. Besides the new construction, there is earthquake retrofitting happening on existing buildings; these are mostly happening to (sections of) individual buildings as opposed to multiple adjacent buildings; in these cases you may have to go a little bit out of your way, but the impact won't be as significant.

- the long orange course will encounter a lake where the map shows a meadow. This will be clearly marked as a map correction on the master map.

7. As always, please respect private property (a couple of map corrections will reflect this).

8. Please, be extremly careful when crossing major roads. Palm Drive and Arboretum can be very busy and hard to cross.


Cheryl Madson and Manfred Kopisch

To reach the parking lot immediately south of Tressider:

From Palm Drive (the street that leads to the Oval), take Campus Drive (East). Follow the Campus Drive Loop until you come to Mayfield Avenue. Take a right, follow Mayfield through the sharp left turn, and you will soon see a large parking lot on your right. (If you continued on Mayfield you would eventually reach Lomita Drive).

--- Now back to the ealier announcement ---

The 1998 annual meeting will follow the event and will begin around noon. There will be two items of business to cover, the election of officers for 1988, and a vote to revise the bylaws allowing for an increased number of members to be on the board of directors. At the March meeting, the board will issue a proposed slate of candidates for the four positions up for election. The current officers are Evan Custer, president; Scott Aster, event coordinator; George Minarik, treasurer; and Brenda Giese, secretary. As of this time, I think all current officers are planning on running  for reelection. I am planning on running for reelection for one more year, but will not run again in 1999.

Currently the by-laws state that the board shall consist of from seven to fifteen members. However, with the recent creation of new positions, the board is technically not in compliance with the by-laws. The proposed by-laws amendment will read:

6.1 The Board of Directors shall consist of a minimum of seven and a maximum of nineteen members, including the following positions:

Assuming this amendment passes, this will allow for expanding the board.

Directions: From I-280, take Page Mill Road east towards the Bay. At the second light, turn left onto Junipero Serra. Go through one light and turnright at the second light onto Campus Drive. Look for O' signs. From U.S. 101, follow signs for Stanford University onto Embarcadero. Continue straight through several lights onto the campus, and look for O' signs.

For additional information about the event, call Cheryl Madson at 510-797-8712 or e-mail at For questions regarding the general meeting, contact Evan Custer at or (925) 254-5628.

-- Cheryl Madson and Evan Custer

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