Spring Lake, Santa Rosa

February 8, 1998


May be rescheduled at a later date...


For those of you who remember our last Spring Lake slog through temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, I can promise you a much cooler venue in February. This will be the first of three Spring Lake events in 1998. The Spring Lake map actually covers portions of three parks: Spring Lake, Howarth, and Annadel. Spring Lake and Howarth are flat and not too technical, but with plenty of cliffs and pits left over from earlier mining days. Annadel is steep in contrast, with many point features.

There will be four courses offered: white, yellow, orange, and green. White and yellow will stay in the flats, while orange and green will venture onto the slopes of Annadel. Starts as usual will be from 10:00 to 12:30.

News on 1/26/98:

The courses have been finalized for the February 8 Orienteering event at Spring Lake. The courses are as follows:

White 3.2k 60m climb 10 controls Beginner
Yellow 3.6k 120m climb 8 controls Advanced Beginner
Orange 4.5k 170m climb 10 controls Intermediate
Green 4.6k 220m climb 12 controls Advanced

Note that there will be no Brown course offered.

The hills are very green right now, but quite runnable with little poison oak or brush. See you there.

Directions - Take Highway 101 north to Santa Rosa. Go east on Highway 12 which ends in about two miles, continue straight on Hoen Avenue (you may need to get into a right hand lane to avoid turning left). After another two miles, Hoen crosses Summerfield Road at a stoplight. Take the next immediate left onto Newanga and proceed to the ranger kiosk, where you pay a day-use fee for the park. Turn right and go about 150 meters to the Oak Knoll picnic area.

If you have questions, I can be reached at 415-383-4429 or at usffcm83ibmmail.com

--Gary Kraght

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