Joseph Grant State Park, San Jose
February 1, 1998

We return to Joe Grant on February 1st, scene of the 1995 2-day “A” Meet and more recently, the 1996 “Golden Goat.” The 1992 5-color 1-15,000 map has a combination of fast running open areas and slower, very technical  wooded areas. There are numerous point features which provide accurate navigation. Previously advertised as a “Rogaine”, the meet will now be a standard “B” format since the Wilder Ranch Rogaine was held only a few months ago. There will be 7 courses (white through blue, plus a Start-O’. Advanced and intermediate runners (orange through  blue) will have a remote start with a 20-25 minute walk. Beginners (white and yellow) will have a shorter walk (10-15 minutes.)

I need two volunteers for the white/yellow starts, and somone for the beginners clinic. Registration opens at 9am  with start times from 10am to 12:30 pm. Beginners clinics will be held between 9:30 and 10:30.

To get to Joe Grant, take the Alum Rock Avenue in San Jose east from either Highway 680 or Highway 101 to Mt. Hamilton Road. Turn right and follow the winding road to the park. Pay the fee at the entrance and park in the parking lot. For additional information or to volunteer to help, call me at 510-658-4327 evenings before 9pm.

--Penny DeMoss

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