Welcome to BAOCs 2006 Lake Tahoe “barebones” orienteering event.  Between the hassle involved in moving Saturday’s venue from Fallen Leaf Lake to Spooner, and the even bigger hassle involved in getting our insurance papers correctly submitted, I am happy at this point that we are holding this meet at all!   We have made every effort to put the controls in the proper locations, though, since when all is said and done, that’s what makes for a successful orienteering event. 


Parking both Saturday and Sunday will be in the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) lot near the intersection of Highway 28 and US 50.  From South Lake Tahoe, head north on US 50 roughly 12 miles.  Turn left onto Highway 28 at the intersection, and then make an almost immediate left turn into the parking lot after that.  Signs should direct you to the parking lot from the Highway 28/US 50 intersection.  We will almost certainly not have parking monitors in the lot, so please park in an intelligent manner, to make sure we will have room in the lot to hold everyone’s vehicle.


Both registration and the staging area for the start will be in the NDOT lot on Saturday.  You need to be aware of a non-standard start procedure on Saturday.   To avoid an ugly climb right out of the start, we hoped to have a standard remote start at a higher elevation.  Unfortunately, the Forest Service was absolutely insistent that the staging area for the start be on pavement.  So that is where the initial callup line will be located.  You should plan to arrive at the staging area ready to go ten minutes before your actual start time, as you will get 5 minutes to hike halfway up the hill to the second callup line, and then another 5 minutes to get the rest of the way up the hill to the actual start of navigation.  It is approximately 350 meters from the staging area at the parking lot to the start of navigation, with a 50 meter climb.   Consider this to be a good warmup before the start of your race!


The US Trail Orienteering championships will be held in conjunction with this event on Saturday afternoon.  This event will be held at Spooner Lake State Park proper, so you will need to cross Highway 28 at the west end of the NDOT lot and follow the trail to registration and the start area if you plan to participate in the trail-O event.  We may or may not have traffic monitors at that crossing point to help you check for traffic, so USE CAUTION when crossing the highway!  We encourage you to participate in the trail-O event even if you have not preregistered for it, as there will be no late fee charged for day-of-event entries.  The price will still be $10 for adults and $5 for juniors.  


Sunday’s foot-O event will also take place at Spooner Lake State Park proper.  Park in the NDOT lot again, and be sure to USE CAUTION when crossing the highway to registration and the staging area for the start. 


This will NOT be a two-day total time event.  Saturday’s middle distance course and Sunday’s classic length course will be considered to be two separate events, and awards will be given for each event separately at the end of each day. 


This event will be “all E-punch”, which means that recreational orienteers will be using exactly the same start/finish area and start/finish procedure as the orienteers in the competitive classes.  If you rented an e-stick from us, be sure to return it immediately after completing your course on your last day of competition. 




Friday, June 23:

                7 PM to 10 PM—Packet pickup at Best Western Station House Inn, 901 Park Avenue, South Lake Tahoe. 


Saturday, June 24:

                9 AM—Registration/packet pickup open.

                10 AM—First foot-O starts

                3 PM—Foot-O courses close

                11 AM to 3 PM—Trail-O course open

                4 PM (or earlier if we can manage)—Awards presentation


                There may or may not be an informal social event planned for Saturday night.  Stay tuned for more details!


Sunday, June 25:

                8 AM—Registration/packet pickup open

                9 AM—First starts

                2 PM—Foot-O courses close

                3 PM (or earlier if we can manage)—Awards presentation




You must check in at the finish and the Electronic Punching (EP) download station whether you finish your course or not.  If you do not check in, we must assume you are either lost or injured, and will have to start an unnecessary search and rescue effort.

The courses will close at  3 pm Saturday and 2 pm Sunday.  Please return by closing time. Please do not try to finish your course or get "just one more control" if you cannot get back to the finish by closing time.  You will have the full three hours to finish, and if you do not return by that time, according to USOF rules, you will be classified as overtime, and your time will not count anyway.  Please be courteous to the organizers and not make them wait and worry if you are lost or injured by not showing up before closing time.

The safety bearing is east on Saturday. You will eventually reach either Highway 28 or Highway 50 if you keep heading east (most likely Highway 28).  The parking area is at the intersection of Highway 50 (which heads north-south) and Highway 28, (which heads northwest-southeast)

The safety bearing is south on Sunday.  You will eventually reach either Spooner Lake, Highway 28, or Highway 50 if you keep heading south (most likely Spooner Lake). 

Whistles are required to be worn by all competitors.  If you are injured or hopelessly lost, give three short blasts on the whistle, and repeat about every 30 seconds or so.  Whistles are not toys, and every competitor is required to respond to a person in distress who is using the whistle in an emergency.  Please do not ruin someone else's run by needlessly blowing your whistle.

There will be first aid at the finish.  The first aid coordinator will be Joan Roos, RN, Nurse practitioner.  Evan Custer, M.D. will also be at the event for consultation in an emergency situation. 

There is an emergency room at Barton Memorial Hospital in South Lake Tahoe, about 15 miles from the event site.  It is at 2170 South Avenue at the corner of 3rd St.  The phone number is 530-541-3420.  The directions to the hospital are:

Go west on US 50 through South Lake Tahoe.  Two blocks before the "Y" intersection with Highway 89 on the west edge of town, turn left on 3rd Street. Proceed south on 3rd Street 4 blocks to the hospital. 




Event director—Steve Gregg

Course setters—Thorsten Graeve (Saturday), Dan Stoll-Hadayia (Sunday)

Map production and vetting—Bob Cooley

Registrar—Steve Beuerman

Recreational registration—Ev and Jean Beuerman

Starts--Scott Aster

Finishes--Dan Greene

Signage and equipment—Mark Blair

E-punch—Trinka Gillis

Control pickup—Kelly Wells

First aid—Joan Roos