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2004 Ski-O ad in Orienteering North America

2004 California Ski-O Championships

Contact: Tony Pinkham - (650) 969-5320

The California Ski Orienteering Championships determines who the top male and female ski orienteers are for white, yellow, orange, green, and blue courses. The champion for each of these categories is the person who has the best placing at two out of three events (Burton Creek, Royal Gorge, and Bear Valley). When there is a tie, we prioritize the events in reverse sequence of their occurance (the last event gets top priority).

2003 Champions: Bob Baylor, Nancy Lindeman, and Kent Ohlund

You never know if someone else will show up twice, so it pays to show up and finish your courses.

All three events have now been completed, and you may check the results of the 2004 championship or read up about the 2003 championships.