A gnarly tree in Ohlone Wilderness A gnarly tree in Ohlone Wilderness

Bon Tempe

Sunday, December 20-21, 2003 Fairfax, CA.
Contact: Scott Aster - 415.456.8118

All entrants must pre-register.

Volunteer appreciation event! Free for club members who have volunteered at any baoc events in 2003.

Starts on Saturday will be from 12PM until 1PM only.
Starts on Sunday will be from 10AM until 11AM only.

As tradition seems to have it, our club's final orienteering event of the year will once again be held on the northern slopes of Mt. Tamalpais, on wonderful terrain situated next to Bon Tempe reservoir. The terrain here is ideal for orienteering, being relatively flat, with a great variety of flora, including our fairly typical oak, laurel, and madrone forests, interspersed with significant areas of Redwoods, though nothing like the behemoths at Big Basin. The woods are interspersed with numerous meadows, none of which contain star thistle, and the views of the lake, Mt. Tam, and the surrounding hills are drop dead gorgeous! The mapped area contains very little poison oak, and is very runnable. If it rains before the meet, expect to see numerous small waterfalls on your courses!

The only drawback is that the map, while much improved, is not up to our highest standards. This means that certain areas (such as the "Hillside of Death") may not in reality, match up very well with the map. The courses will be set to minimize these problems however, but some course legs may be a bit more challenging than you expect! There will be at least three courses, including a Yellow/Orange level course, and short and long advanced level courses (Brown & Red). The stewards of the mapped area, the Marin Municipal Water District restrict us to only 20 participants each day, hence the reason we are holding this event on consecutive days to allow 40 club members the opportunity to partake.

All entrants must pre-register! No one will be allowed to register on the day of the event. If you have volunteered (in any capacity) at any BAOC event this year, please contact me to enter. Tell me which day (Saturday or Sunday) you prefer, and which course you plan to try (You can choose a different course when you arrive, but we want a rough idea of how many maps to print for each course).

As with all of our events, this meet will be held rain or shine!


From Highway 101 in San Rafael (Marin County), take the Sir Francis Drake Blvd. exit and go west for 5.5 miles to the town of Fairfax. Turn left at Pacheco (look for a gas station with a small sign "Noft Gasoline"), turn immediately right on Broadway, passing directly in front of the Fairfax movie Theater (Huge Marquee- can't miss it). Then proceed one block west on Broadway and turn left on "Bolinas Rd".

Stay on Bolinas Rd. for about 1.5 miles until you reach a side road on the left with a large wooden sign that says Lake Lagunitas. Turn left onto Sky Oaks Road and stay on it until you reach the ranger kiosk. Pay the entrance fee, then proceed about 50 meters and park in the dirt lot on the right. This is where starts & finishes will be.