The Eighth Annual BAOC Golden Goat

An Orienteering Adventure Race

November 23, 2003

Almaden-Quicksilver County Park, San Jose


[Update: see Course Setter's Notes (posted 11/21)]

The Bay Area Orienteering Club invites you to the eighth running of the Golden Goat. What is a Goat? It’s a long orienteering race with a mass start, for teams and individuals, plus some twists:  skips, a fork and a window. It’s suitable for those in good shape with intermediate to advanced navigation ability. There will be two lengths, the Goat and the Kid. For beginning orienteers, we will also have White and Yellow regular courses.

Course Statistics

 Depending on your route choices, the Goat will be about 11km with 700m climb; the Kid will be about 7km with 400m climb. You must decide before you start which course you will do. The mass start for the Goat and Kid is at 10:30am. All courses close at 2pm.


Runners on the Goat can skip two controls; those on the Kid can skip one. Choose your skips carefully! The right choice can make the difference between winning and losing.


The Goat course will have one forked control. Of two controls, you only need to find one. For example, from control 8 the course will fork to 9a and 9b. Choose one, and go to it before moving on to number 10. Or, choose control 9 as one of your skips.


There will be five controls in a box on the map. You can do these in any order. Skipping a windowed control is ok. Both the Goat and the Kid will have a window.


Pre-registration is required for the Goat and the Kid. There is no pre-registration for the White and Yellow courses, but groups of ten or more are asked to notify the meet director in advance, so that we can print enough maps. Your registration fee of $20 for the Goat or Kid includes a limited-edition Golden Goat short-sleeve T-short, sure to be a collector’s item. You may, however, register for $10 if you do not want a T-shirt. White and Yellow courses will have the usual fees (T-shirt not included.) To be sure we have a map and T-shirt for you, please pre-register for the Kid or Goat via email by November 12 to Include your team name, and the name, sex, age, club, and T-shirt size of each member. You can pay at registration or send a check payable to BAOC to: Jeff Lanam, 382 Caribe Way, San Jose 95133. We will not have electronic punching for this event.  Watch the website and Bayonet for updates.


Almaden Quicksilver has terrain typical of other BAOC venues- steep rolling hills with oak forests intermixed with grass clearings. Locals tend to favor cleats for climbing and descending slippery grass slopes and gaiters for minimizing contact with stickers and burrs. Elevations range between 600’ and 1800’.


From north of San Jose, take highway 85 south to Almaden Expressway. Go south on Almaden Expressway 4.5 miles to Almaden Road. Go right on Almaden Road though the town of New Almaden and look for the large parking lot on the right. From south of San Jose, take 85 north to Almaden Expressway, or take Monterey Highway to Bailey Avenue, right on McKean Road, and left on Almaden Road.

Event Director—Jeff Lanam, 408-285-5201

Assistant Event Director—Carl Reisinger, 408-997-8260

Course Setter—Vladimir Gusiatnikov


From: Jeffery Lanam
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 17:46:27 -0800 
Subject: BAOC: Goat Registration 

You can still register up to and including the day of the
event (although it is too late for a T-shirt).  Advance registration is
appreciated, though.  Send name, sex and age.  You can pick a team
name, even if you are going solo.  Letting us know whether
you will run the Goat or Kid helps, but you can change your
mind until the maps are handed out at the start.

The following registrations were recieved as of Saturday 11/15.
I guessed Goat or Kid for some of you, let me know if I guessed wrong.

Name                         Shirt               Team Name
Steve Beuerman               XL        Kid
Wyatt Riley                  L         Goat      Beat Syd
Doug Stein                   L         Goat      Chased a Syd-goose
Van Boughner                 L         Goat      Tailwind
Syd Reader                   XL        Goat      Eat my Goat
Thorsten Graeve              L         Goat      Run like a goat
Steve Gregg                  M         Goat      Follow the Reader
Peter Graube                 L         Goat
Mark Prior                   M         Goat
Natasha Gelfand              M                   Geodesics
Niloy Mitra                  M                   Geodesics
Jim Waite                    M                   Carry me home
Beth Dixon                   No        Kid       Just a chance
Meg Gerstner                 M                   Yankee-fans
Alan Glendenning             XL                  Yankee-fans
Mark Blair                   L                   Cabra Dorada
Jean Beuerman                M         Yellow    Registration Mavens
Ev Beuerman                  XL        Yellow    Registration Mavens
Tim Gravier                  No        Kid
Penny DeMoss                 S
Kent Ohland                  L
Deron van Hoff               L                   Kwik Ag Goat
Sergei Rodionov              L
Tapio Karras                 L
Scott Spears                 L
Dean French                  S         Kid       Next to Last
Nancy Lindeman               L         Kid       Last
Rex Winterbottom             XL        Goat
Doug Bass                    XL
Dan Holman                   L
Frank Markowitz              M
Thiago Ghilardi              No
Bob Cooley                   L         Goat
Patty Clemo                  S         Kid
Theo Verhoeven               XL        Kid
Brian Moore                  No        Goat
Matt Strother                No
Chris Roper                  XL        Kid
Andrejus Masalkovas          M                   Vabank
Eric Rosenzweig              L
Bill Papendick               No
Derek Maclean                M         Goat
Dennis Wildfogel             No        Kid
Ian Tidswell                 XL
Steve Haas                   L
Matt Holman                  XL
Matthias Kohler              L
Mike Springer                L         Goat
Michael Prindiville          No
Bill Wright                  M
Joe Knapp                    L                   Dos Locos
Steve Perez                  M                   Dos Locos
Megan Bergkessel             M                   Kicken' Chickens
Brad Zuchero                 M                   Kicken' Chickens
Rod Jaehn                    No
Stew Hintz                   L         Kid       Three Little Kids
Patty Hintz                  M         Kid       Three Little Kids
Shelly Anderson              S         Kid       Three Little Kids
Dewey DuMond                 No        Kid       whichwaydowego
Ron Thumann                  No        Kid       whichwaydowego
Chuck Spalding               No        Kid
Sean Campbell                L         Kid
Hannu Haarma                 L
Irina Zaks
Wes Erck                     L
Francois Leonard             M
Marie-Josee Parayre          S
Oleg Shakhnovsky             L         Kid


From: Jeffery Lanam
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 21:54:02 -0800
Subject: BAOC: Goat Update

We now have 81 people signed up for either the Goat or the Kid.
You can still sign up to run, but T-shirt orders are closed.  We
will have a few extras available--first come first served on the
day of the meet.

Dan Greene will offer an intermediate clinic beginning at 9:30.
If you are doing the Goat or Kid, and haven't done a lot of
Orange or advanced course, this might be for you.

We will need several volunteers who are not running in the mass
start, to help with the White and Yellow start and finish.  This is
good way for beginners to help out, you don't need orienteering

The walk to the start for all courses is about 500m, so allow 15-20
minutes to get up there.

Public transportation is available to the park. VTA bus 13 leaves
the Ohlone-Chynoweth Light Rail station at 9:00 and arrives in
New Almaden at 9:28. There's a return trip at 1:42 from the park,
and hourly trips from McKean Rd. (I didn't say it was easy, I
said it was available.)