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Sunday, Aug. 10, 2003

Contact: Mark Payne, 510-642-0853

Come spend the day exploring the nooks and crannies of UC Berkeley's lovely campus. In addition to the standard orienteering fare, covering a little bit of most types of terrain, you can expect lots of attractive buildings to wind your way around and through, as well as the usual collection of students, parents being shown around campus, and your standard Berkeley nutters. If you're really lucky you may even have to orienteer your way through a protest (we're still negotiating with the State Department to see if they can arrange for a real Berkeley display ;-). On offer will be White (beginner) and Yellow (advanced beginner) courses, and a Motala. The course is virtually flat, the weather will be ten times better than the peninsula, and if you can find any poison oak on the course, I will buy the beer. What more could you ask for?


UC Berkeley is easily accessible by BART - take the line toward Richmond and get off at Downtown Berkeley. From the station, walk one block east onto campus, and then just head for the Campanile (the clock tower). Starts and finishes are on the grass on the west side of the Campanile.

For those more inclined towards cars, take Interstate 80 to Berkeley and get off at the University Ave exit. Drive approx. 3-4 miles east until University runs out and you hit campus. Park in the streets surrounding campus - the north side, around Euclid and Hearst is probably your best bet (The south side can be rather busy, even though school's out). Be warned - the Berkeley parking department is the most efficient body in the entire Bay Area - they WILL get you if they can.

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