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Menlo Park
Sunday, July 20, 2003

Contact: Steve Haas, 650-323-5383

On July 20, we’ll return to Bayfront Park, a pleasant little, conveniently located (one minute off highway 101 in the mid-Peninsula) park on the shores of the bay near the west end of the Dumbarton Bridge in Menlo Park, with great views of the Bay and surroundings. The terrain is mostly open with a number of modest hills and quite a few trails. It's a great place for first-time orienteers, and still provides a lot of fun for experienced competitors.

Last year's optional second trail-less loop was such a success that we're expanding the workout opportunity this year, with a third loop. For those of you who choose this option, the good news is that Bayfront Park grows smaller on each loop. This is true not only from the course stats (dropping from 3.2 to 2.8 and finally to 2.4 km on the last loop), but also because by the last loop you'll have a good sense of where the trails are, even though they won't be on the map.

There is a standard White course, excellent for beginners of all ages with controls easily accessible from the trails. The Yellow course is designed for those with some orienteering or other topographical map experience. Trail-less-O' is navigationally equivalent to the Yellow course, but none of the park's trails will be shown on the competitors' maps. This year, the course will use two map exchanges, at each of which you can make a "real-time" decision to continue with the next loop, or call it a day.

Here are the course statistics.

                        Length       Climb            Controls
White                  	1.9 km        20 m                9 
Yellow                 	2.5 km        35 m               12 
One-loop Trail-less   	3.3 km        50 m               11 
Two-loop Trail-less     6.1 km       100 m               23 
Three-loop Trail-less   8.5 km       140 m               33 

Be sure to wear a hat, and wear sunscreen! Bayfront is mostly open. Although by the time you read this the grass may have been mowed (as in past years), this hasn't happened by mid-June, and the course setter has many stickers to show for his work! Check the Bay-O-Net for late breaking news on whether leg protection is necessary as we get closer to the event. The park has a real bathroom, but no picnic tables or benches. We will have water on all courses, as well as at the start and finish.

Registration will open at 9 am, and starts will run from 10 am until 12:30 pm. We will offer beginners clinics throughout the morning.


From the Peninsula, take Highway 101 to the Marsh Road East exit. Stay to the left so you can drive straight ahead into the park at the traffic signal where Marsh turns right into Bayfront Expressway. From the East Bay, cross the Dumbarton Bridge. Go to the fifth traffic light after the bridge and turn right into the park. Questions? E-mail or call evenings (650)323-5385.

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