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Big Blue Adventure Series Training Event

Saturday, May. 10, 2003

Contact: Gary Kraght, 415-383-4429

Come join us at Indian Valley Open Space on Saturday, May 10. Indian Valley has some of the Bay Area's most challenging terrain. Centrally located is Indian Valley College, situated in a broad valley that allows for interesting but not too physically demanding White and Yellow courses. Steeper hillsides surround the campus, where the advanced courses will traverse through oak and redwood forest intermixed with typical California clearings.

You can choose from seven courses, with manual punching on the White (beginner) and Yellow (advanced beginner) courses, and electronic punching on the Orange and AR (intermediate), and Brown, Green and Red (advanced) courses. No Blue course is being offered this year, but there will be an Adventure Racing course, which is a Red length course at an Orange technical level. Registration will be at the usual spot, next to the college swimming area. You might wish to picnic on the campus lawns afterwards and enjoy the late spring weather. This will be a standard B event, with registration opening at 9:00AM, starts from 10:00 to 12:30, and all courses closing at 2:00PM. Beginners Clinics start at 9:30, and there will be a clinic for adventure racers at 10:00 sharp, given by Stew Hintz. No one will be allowed to start on the AR course after 11:00, so please register early if you wish to try this course.

Bill Papendick is doing the course-setting honors, with an assist from two of BAOC's newer faces, Rob Clima and Laura McKeegan. Rob and Laura attended the course setting workshop given by Evan Custer last December at Stanford, and want to practice what they learned! The map was originally produced by George Kirkov and has finally been put into OCAD by Mark Blair, so no more copying courses from master maps this year !! It won't be long until the archaic process of spending a couple of minutes on the race clock copying your course from a master map is a distant, receding memory for most of us.


Take Highway 101 to south Novato and exit at Ignacio Blvd. Go west on Ignacio Blvd as far as you can until it runs into the Indian Valley College parking lot. Park in lots 4, 5, or 6, as lots 1 through 3 are reserved for another event. There is no parking fee.

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