4 & 7 Hour Rogaine

Sunday, Mar. 16, 2003

Contact: Harold and Penny DeMoss, 510-658-4327

Preregister by Mar. 12. Entry fee $13/person.


Since Penny and I had such positive feedback from the Briones Rogaine last March, we decided that we would organize another one for this year. The date will be Sunday, March 16, 2003. We will use Briones again, but this time we will be using the Alhambra Valley entrance as the staging area. This is the "north end" of the map which many of the competitors in last year's Rogaine did not venture into. In additon we will be using newly mapped, never before used areas to the west and south/south east. The expanded area will allow us to offer you an extra hour of fun. The time limits will be 4 hrs. and 7 hrs. The start and finish will be in the picnic area adjacent to the parking lot.

The general format will be the same as last time with several categories in both the 4 hour and 7 hour time limits. You do not have to decide if you're in the 4hr. or 7 hr. race until after you've started. A Rogaine is a group activity. You must have at least two people on your team. Each team member gets a map, but there will be only one punch card per team (hand punching, no E-punch). Generally the more people on the team, the slower you'll be, as you'll only go as fast as the slowest person. The categories are the same for both time limits. The perpetual trophy will go to the team with the most points regardless of category.

OPEN MEN (any age)--OPEN WOMEN (any age)--MIXED (one man, one woman-any age)--MASTER MEN The combined ages of the two YOUNGEST members = 80 MASTER WOMEN The combined ages of the two youngest members = 80 MIXED MASTERS The combined ages of the youngest woman and the youngest man = 80 VETERAN MEN The combined ages of the two youngest men = 100 VETERAN WOMEN The combined ages of the two youngest women = 100 MIXED VETERANS The combined ages of the youngest woman and the youngest man = 100

THE PAIRS OR GROUPS MUST STAY TOGETHER AT ALL TIMES. The definition of together is, within verbal AND visual contact. This would be approximately 40 meters for most teams, but may be as close as 5 meters for the veteran teams! Please compete in the proper spirit and abide by this rule.

As we noted last time, it is not necessary that a group stay out for the whole 4 or 7 hour time limit. When you decide that you've had enough fun for the day, then come in, BUT, if any member of your team comes in, you must ALL come in. Come prepared for any kind of weather. We were very lucky to have perfect weather last year, but we've seen all kinds out there. We will have several controls that are within 200 to 400 meters from the finish line, so that with proper planning one should not come in after their 4 or 7 hour goal. The controls will have values from 10 to 100 points. The penalty will be 10 pts. for every minute or part of that you arrive back late. The controls will be of Orange (intermediate) or Advanced level technically. You must be at least Orange level to enjoy this competition. There will not be any other courses (white, yellow) at this meet.

Water will be provided at various locations on the course, in sufficient quantity that you will be able to refill carrier bottles, camel backs, etc. We will not be providing any food though, so be sure you carry enough food (energy bars, etc.) with you to prevent 'bonking'.

The Briones Park Ranger has informed us that due to the numbers of competitors expected, and the limited bathroom facilities at that parking area, we will have to rent one or more toilets. Unfortunately, this will be reflected in the entry fee which will be $13 per person. IMPORTANT: Please note, there will be pre-registration only (including entry fees)-NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY. Entries close Wednesday, March 12, 2003. This will ensure that we get started on time on race day morning and that we have the proper number of maps printed. If you have pre-registered and need to make a change as to the composition of your team or change the category, please let us know by e-mail or phone in advance so we can make the appropriate changes prior to the morning. There will be a mass start at 9am sharp. Pick up race packets between 7:45am and 8:30am in the start/finish area. We will be handing out the maps at 8:45am and teams will have approximately 15 minutes to make a plan.

There is an entry form in the latest Bulletin (January 2003). There will also be one at the end of this write up. Print it out or send a facsimile to us via 'snail mail' . Don't forget to include your entry fees.

Other pertinent information will be forthcoming....check out the BayONet and web site.


From the west, take Highway 24 east toward Walnut Creek. Take the Pleasant Hill Road exit. Go north on Pleasant Hill Rd. for approx. 1 mile and turn left onto Reliez Valley Rd. Stay on Reliez Valley Rd for almost 5 miles, turn left into the park at Briones Park sign. Follow road to parking.

From the south, take 680 to junction with Highway 24 in Walnut Creek. Take 24 (west) approx. 1 mile to the Pleasant Hill Road exit. Head north and follow instructions above.

From the north, take 680 south until approx. 3 miles after crossing the Benicia bridge. Take Highway 4 west approx. 3 miles to the Alhambra Ave. exit.Go south on Alhambra Ave. 1/2 mile, turn right on Alhambra Valley Rd. Drive south 1 mile and turn left on Reliez Valley Rd. for 1/4 mile and turn right at Briones Park sign.

Briones Rogaine Entry Form:







CATEGORY:  Circle one of the categories below.  See the event
description on the BAOC Web site for details of the categories.

       Open Men           Open Women        Mixed, Open

     Master Men         Master Women        Mixed Masters

    Veteran Men        Veteran Women        Mixed Veterans

You do not have to decide between 4 hours and 7 hours before
the event.


Send with entry fee of $13 per person to:

Harold DeMoss   6365 Crown Ave   Oakland, CA 94611