2002 California Ski-O Championships

Who are the best male and female ski orienteers on the White, Yellow, Orange, Green, and Blue courses in California for 2002? Will it be you?

The 2002 California Ski-O events are:

To win, you must compete in at least two of the three ski-Os (if you do three events, we'll discard your lowest placing). Ties will be broken by comparing the cumulative times that the tied contestants had on the same courses. (We will count the times for all events in which you ski the same courses; a DNF, OT, MSP, or DQ automatically counts as 1 minute longer than the maximum time allowed on the course.)

You can win in only one course category, which is the longest course that you compete on for two events. Everyone is eligible (there are no residency, citizenship, or club membership requirements).

Questions? Suggestions? Send them to Tony Pinkham.