Spooner Lake

Nevada Shore of Lake Tahoe
Sunday, August 11, 2002

Contact: Evan Custer at evancusterattbi.com, 925-254-5628

BAOC and GCO will be co-hosting a Pacific Region Ranking B event at Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park at Spooner Lake on Sunday, August 11th. All seven standard courses will be offered, including courses suitable for beginners. Electronic punching will be used for the orange and advanced courses. Standard pin punching will be used for the white and yellow courses.

Spooner Lake is on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe just north of the intersection of US 50 with State Route 28. The park is centered around a lovely alpine lake. The terrain becomes quite steep east of the lake, but the white, yellow, orange, and most of the brown courses will use the relatively flatter terrain near the lake. The area is a mixture of very runnable white forest and rough open, with virtually no fight and no poison oak. There are numerous rock features.


The map was first made in 1998 for the US Championships, which were held there in September of 1999. The area was also used as one of the venues for the Sierra 2000 O'Fest. It is a standard IOF map with a scale of 1:10000 and 5-meter contour interval for all courses. The map was field checked and drawn by George Kirkov, and is quite reliable. Courses will be pre-printed on the map.


There will be two start areas, one for the white, yellow and orange courses, about a 500 meter walk from the assembly area. The second start will be a remote start for the advanced courses (brown, green, red and blue). There will be about a 5 minute shuttle ride in a van to the top of the Spooner Summit on Rte. 50. The start will be at the trail at the summit. The van will leave approximately every 15 minutes or so, depending on the number of people. There are no toilet facilities at either of the start areas. The registration and assembly area will be at the "Stonehenge" site, the samearea used in 2000. The finish will be close to the assembly area.

Course statistics:

White,       2.875 km,       50 meters climb,      10 controls
Yellow,      3.175 km,      100 meters climb,      11 controls
Orange,      3.875 km,      200 meters climb,      14 controls
Brown,       2.350 km,      120 meters climb,       8 controls
Green,       3.575 km,      245 meters climb,      11 controls
Red,         5.375 km,      370 meters climb,      17 controls
Blue,        7.700 km,      450 meters climb,      22 controls

All meadows and marshes are out of bounds. Please do not run through these environmentally sensitive areas. The courses have been designed so that there is no reason to cross a marsh.

Because the parking lot is undergoing reconstruction, the rangers are requiring us to park in the free forest service parking area on the west (lake) side of Route 28, just north of the intersection of US 50. You may drop off passengers and/or gear in the park first, and then park your car in the forest service parking lot. The park charges $1.00 per person walk in fee.

Orange and intermediate course designer on paper: Evan Custer Field work, fine tuning of courses, map corrections, vetting, test runningand hanging of controls: Nik Weber and Stew Hintz and Deron van Hoff. White and yellow course designer: Nik Weber


Registration will be from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm, beginner's clinics from 9:30 am to 10:30 am, and starts from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. Courses will close at 2:00 pm. If you need the full three hours to complete your course, please start early. You must check in at the finish, and at the EP download station if using electronic punching, by 2:00 pm, whether or not you have finished your course. Failure to do so may entail a search and rescue effort. Please be courteous to the event officials and do not stay out on the course past 2:00 pm. They do not need the unnecessary anxiety worrying about whether you are lost or injured.


There are multiple motels and hotels in South Lake Tahoe, and also in Incline Village and King's Beach on the north shore. The nearest camping is at Nevada Beach campground, which is located 13 miles from Spooner Lake. For reservations, call the US Forest Service at 1-877-444-6777.


From the Bay Area, take I-80 east to Truckee. In Truckee, take Route 267south towards Kings Beach. At the T-intersection, turn left onto route 28 east. Go for another 18 miles until you see the park entrance. Go about 750 meters past the park entrance and enter the forest service parking lot on the right and walk back into the park.

Alternative route from the Bay Area: Take I-80 east towards Sacramento, then US 50 east towards South Lake Tahoe. Continue on US 50 through SouthLake Tahoe, and about 14 miles later, turn left onto Route 28 North. After making the turn onto Route 28, make the first left into the forest service parking lot. Then walk north along route 28 for about 750 meters until you reach the park entrance.

From Reno: Take U.S. 50 west through Carson City and up Spooner Summit. After crossing the summit, turn right onto Route 28 north towards Incline Village and make the first left into the forest service parking lot. Then walk north along route 28 for about 750 meters until you reach the parkentrance.

Event Officials:

Event Director -- Evan Custer
Asst. Event Director -- Stew Hintz
Course designers -- Evan Custer, Nik Weber

We could still use some help with registration, shuttle van driving, and control pick-up. Also, if you see an area backed up, please feel free to step in and help with the registration, start, etc.

For more information, contact Evan Custer at evancusterattbi.com or 925-254-5628.