Bear Valley Ski-O

Sunday, March 3, 2002

Contact: Tony Pinkham, 650-969-5320

For the third, and final, event in the 2002 California Ski-O Champs, we return to BAOC's original ski-O venue. Matthias Kohler is designing the courses, as he did last year and also for our Royal Gorge Ski-O.

Course     Distance    Level           Description

White        3-5 km        Beginner          Easy navigation and skiing on beginner trails 
Yellow       4-7 km        Novice            Easy navigation with some route choices on 
                                               beginner and easier intermediate ski trails 
Orange       7-10 km       Intermediate      Navigational choices on intermediate ski trails 
Green        10-15 km      Advanced          Navigational complexity on easier expert trails
Blue         15-20 km      Expert            Navigational complexity with physical demands on tougher
                                               expert trails
The courses will remain open even during a snowstorm unless the resort closes. At this park, you may NOT go off-trail (bushwhack) except where indicated by green dots on the maps.

What's New

Electronic punching will be used for the first time at Bear Valley. The Orange, Green, and Blue courses will have electronic punching, which requires an SI punch for each competitor ($2 rental if you don't already have one). Electronic punching enables us to plan completely new courses that no longer need to avoid controls used later in the courses.

We're hoping to include some new informal trails to change your strategies for this event.

Registration, Starts, and Fees

No preregistration is necessary - just show up, pay, and ski! Registration begins at 9:30 am, and individual starts are 10:00am-1:00pm. You'll have three hours or until 3:00 (whichever is first) to finish your course. You can use touring or skating skis.

Registration specifics and fees will be announced later; ski rentals and lessons are available. All starts and finishes are at the Bear Valley trailhead.

Beginner's Clinics

We will offer free beginner's clinics near the registration area to anyone on demand. These clinics usually last 20-30 minutes and explain everything you need to know to complete the White and Yellow courses. If you are new to orienteering, ask for a clinic before doing your first course.


Awards will be presented to the top three male and female finishers on each course. Time and location to be announced later. We'll also be announcing the winners of the 2002 California Ski-O Champs and presenting those awards.



Registration, beginner's clinics, starts, and finishes will be at the trailhead of Bear Valley Cross Country.

To get to Bear Valley Cross Country:

  1. Take Highway 5 or Highway 99 to Highway 4 near Stockton.
  2. Drive 70 miles East on Highway 4 to the Bear Valley Cross Country resort. (Bear Valley Cross Country is just 120 miles from Sacramento and Livermore.)
  3. Follow the orange-and-white orienteering signs to parking and registration.