Emerald Hills

Redwood City
Sunday, Jan. 6, 2002

Contact: Sharon Evans, 650-363-1376

Come one, come all to the first BAOC event of 2002, our annual street-O at Emerald Hills! This year, our course setter (the esteemed Wyatt Riley) has added a new twist: We will venture outside the residential neighborhood into Edgewood Park and surrounding open spaces. Wyatt has also updated the original street map, added to it, and put it into OCAD.

Registration: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Starts: 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Courses close: 2:00 p.m. (Please check in whether you finish the course or not)


            # of                                Navigational
Course    Controls    Distance     Climb        Difficulty      Time Limit

White        13        3.5 km      124 m        Beginner        (3 hours, but you'll probably be much faster)
Score-O   up to 32    up to 12km   up to 600m   Beg-Intermed.   60-90 minutes, 3 controls extend the limit
Control questions (White & Score-O) - At each control location, you will have to answer a simple question on your course's control sheet, such as "Which side of the intersection is the street sign on?" Just circle the right answer from the 3 choices, so we can tell you have been there. (Please don't guess the answers at ones you don't go to; you won't get credit and there will be a penalty on the Score-O.)

Extendable Score-O rules - When you start, you have 60 minutes to find as many controls as you can. You get 1 point for each control found. You lose 1 point for every minute (or portion thereof) that you are late to the finish. Three controls are worth 1 point AND a 10-minute time extension see the map and score card. Example: If you get 2 of these controls, your time limit will have been extended to 80 minutes (60+10+10).

Getting Started

If you are a beginner:
  1. Read the signs and other paperwork lying around.
  2. Ask the friendly people near the sign that says "Registration" how to sign up for the event, and discuss what course you want to do.
  3. Make sure that you get a clue sheet (in this case a Q&A sheet) and a pen or pencil.
  4. If you're on White, make sure you also get a map of your course.
  5. Ask Registration if somebody is presenting "beginner's clinics," a short explanation of what to do on your first orienteering course.
  6. Find the Start area (ask at Registration) and ask for a start time.
  7. When your time is called, pick up your map (if you are on the Score-O) and go find those controls!
If you've done this before: Water - There is water available at three controls on the Score-O.

Map Notes

New map - This is the first year we are using an OCAD map, with real international standard orienteering symbols and colors. This does NOT mean that the map is up to international standards. The map does now include more detail at Canada College, as well as the entire Edgewood Park Preserve, among other adjacent public open spaces.

Contours - The contours are 25-meter index contours only. It would have taken way too long to put in all the 5-meter contours, and you generally don't need them for navigation. I think the 25-meter contours will be sufficient for route planning, and basic general landform understanding. If someone wants to put the 5-meter contours in for next year, let Bob Cooley know.


(Things you need to be particularly wary of today.)

Roads - The White course and much of the Score-O is on the narrow, windy residential streets of the Emerald Hills neighborhood. Please run or walk along road edges and cross very carefully; there are a few crazy and/or inattentive drivers out there.

Poison oak (Score-O only) - Some of the Score-O does venture off the pavement. Watch those P.O. bushes and sprigs; they are usually quite avoidable and not too strong this time of year, but some route choices, and map- reading while running blindly, could bring you into closer contact than you'd like.


Meet at Roy Cloud Elementary School, which is on the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Emerald Hill Road in Redwood City. To get there, take I-280 to the Farm Hill Boulevard exit. Go northeast on Farm Hill about one mile to the intersection with Emerald Hill Road and turn left. Go three blocks and turn right onto Red Oak Way, and then make an immediate left into the school parking lot.