Stanford University

Palo Alto
Saturday, Dec. 1, 2001

Contact: Syd Reader, 650-704-2248

Welcome back to Stanford University for our annual holiday event and social, hosted by the Stanford Orienteering Club. The afternoon will include White, Yellow, and Orange courses, as well as either a 60-minute Score-O or a longer Orange course. In the evening, there will be 50- and 70-minute evening Score-Os, followed by the annual BAOC social, which includes a potluck dinner and awards.

The event is being held in a different location this year: the Gates computer science building. See the directions below for more information.

Schedule of Events

1:30-2:30 pm    Beginner's clinics (for first-timers)
1:30-5:30       Orienteering skills clinics (see below)
2:00-4:00       Starts for White, Yellow, Orange, and Score-O courses
5:30            Last finish for day courses
6:00            Mass start for evening Score-Os (bring a flashlight)
7:10-10:00      Social (potluck dinner, awards, etc.)
Please bring a dish of food to share at the potluck, and enjoy sampling the contributions of others. Also bring your stories, pictures, and awards related to orienteering and show/bestow them upon someone.

Regarding food prep: There is a small kitchen area near our room. It has a small microwave, small sink, and very limited refrigerator space.


The White, Yellow, and Orange courses are all suitable for beginning or intermediate orienteers. For the Score-Os, each control will be worth one point, and each minute (or fraction thereof) will be a 1-point penalty. The longer evening Score-O will use the same map as the shorter one, with the extra 70-minute controls being numbered in the 100s. So you can decide which course you are on while you are out there.

Course stats:

White      3 km, 8 controls
Yellow 	   4.1 km, 12 controls
Orange 	   4.8 km, 14 controls
Score-O    25 controls, 60-minute time limit
Night-O    19 or 26 controls, 50- or 70-minute time limit


All clinics will be held in or near room 104 of the Gates computer science building. Check with Registration for the exact location. There will be three clinics: Intermediate Skills, E-punch Operations, and Meet Directing.
1:30  Intermediate Skills
	  E-punch Operations

3:30  Meet Directing


From Highway 101: Exit at Oregon Expressway/Embarcadero Road and take Embarcadero Road past El Camino Real and onto the Stanford campus (where Embarcadero changes name to Galvez Street). Turn right onto Campus Drive; cross Palm Drive and continue on, past most of the medical center on the right. Turn left onto Panama St, and left again onto Via Ortega. You may park in the open air lot on the right, or the parking structure on the left. See the directions below from the lot to the event location.

From I-280: Exit at Page Mill road and drive east to Junipero Serra. Turn left on Junipero Serra and drive past Campus Drive East, until you reach Campus Drive West. Turn right and drive to Panama St, which will be after a 90-degree bend to the right in Campus Drive. Turn right on Panama St, and left again onto Via Ortega. You may park in the open air lot on the right, or the parking structure on the left. See the directions below from the lot to the event location.

From the parking lot to the start/finish: Walk down Via Ortega, away from Panama St (and toward Campus Drive). Turn right at Via Pueblo, then left Via Palou, and right again onto Serra Mall (it's about a block along each street). Registration will be inside the Gates building to your left and the start and finish will be on your right, near the Packard Building. The social afterwards will be held across Serra Mall, in the Gates building. There will be signs to guide you from the parking lot to the event location.

You can also check out this campus map, which has the Gates building circled. Click on the map for a zoomed-in view.