China Camp

San Rafael
Sunday, Nov. 4, 2001

Contact: David Meredith and Idell Weydemeyer, 510-223-6291

The China Camp State Park orienteering event will begin with registration in Miwok Meadows. The steep hills rising directly behind the meadow allow interesting terrain and great views for the orienteering courses.

Six courses will be available: white, yellow, orange, brown, green, and red. The remote start for yellow, orange and advanced courses will be a 10-minute walk uphill from the meadow. The white course climbs to the top of a long hill after the start.

Course statistics:

White      10 controls    2.7K    160m
Yellow      8 controls    2.2K     90m
Orange      9 controls    3.3K    180m
Brown       6 controls    2.6K    245m
Green       9 controls    3.6K    235m
Red        14 controls    5.0K    375m
Beginners' clinics to teach orienteering techniques will be held between 9:30 and 10:30 am. Registration is 9:30-12:00, course start times are 10:00-12:30, and all courses close at 2:00 pm. All participants must check in at the end of their run, whether or not they have finished their course. We do not want to send a rescue team out for someone who has returned but not checked in.

Car pooling is advised for this meet. The parking lot at Miwok Meadows is small. When it fills up, participants may NOT park on the access road. Late comers must return to San Pedro Road to park (1/3 mile). Last year some cars parked on the access road, potentially blocking emergency vehicle access. If we block the road again, the rangers may not allow us to use the facilities next year.

China Camp has an interesting historic village about 2 miles from Miwok Meadows. Homes, a boat, shrimp fishing and drying equipment and photos in a tiny museum highlight the Chinese settlers' history. A snack bar selling shrimp and sandwiches, a tiny swimming beach, and a walk into a marsh area are all located near the museum.

PLEASE NOTE: China Camp has a large infestation of the fungus that causes Sudden Oak Death (SOD). SOD is an extremely serious threat, and Marin and Sonoma have some of the largest infestations in California. You can see the rounded and raised black ooze on the infected oak trunks. Please do not touch, brush against, or step on these fungus pieces. Because this fungus can cause up to 80% of the affected trees in an area to die, and because it is not yet known if the fungus is transmitted by soil or water, participants will be asked to scrub their shoes in a light bleach solution at the finish line.


China Camp State Park is located on San Pablo Bay northeast of San Rafael.

From San Francisco or the East Bay, cross the Golden Gate or Richmond Bridge to US 101 North. Exit at North San Pedro Road near the Marin County Civic Center just past San Rafael. Proceed northeast on North San Pedro Road, winding around about 3.5 miles to Miwok Meadows. Look for the distinctive orienteering logo signs.

From the North Bay take US 101 South and exit at North San Pedro Road as above just before you reach San Rafael.