Monte Bello

Palo Alto
Sunday, Oct. 7, 2001

Contact: Dennis Wildfogel, 408-354-1686

In addition to the usual White, Yellow and Orange courses, this year's meet at Montebello Open Space Preserve will feature a Compressed Chase Start Event (CCSE) for advanced orienteers. The CCSE will consist of two rounds, the first round being contested over what amounts to a short Brown course, and the second over essentially a Green course. Starts for the second round will be in the same order as the order of finish in the first round, with fastest first. The start interval for the second round will be fixed and short, perhaps 30 seconds (exact amount to be determined later). Final standing will be determined by the actual order of finish in the second round (not on total time). The idea is to give people practice in the strategic elements of running a course with other competitors in close proximity.

The second round of the CCSE will start at 12:00. In order to participate in this round, you must finish the first round no later than 11:45, so please plan to start that first round early enough so that you will finish in time. For advanced orienteers who do not wish to participate in the full CCSE, there are three options: (1) the short Brown course will be available for starts from 10:00 to 12:00; (2) the second-round (Green) course will be available for starts from 10:00 to 11:00; or (3) you may start the second-round course shortly after the last CCSE starter (approximately 12:30). Note that the second-round course will close at 2:30. All other courses will close at 2:00. Electronic punching will be used for both of the advanced courses.

As has been the case for the past several years, parking will be at the adjacent Skyline Ridge OSP. Carpooling is strongly encouraged. Please be sure to follow directions (below) to the designated parking area, and park close together as parking is limited. Our total atttendance is strictly limited, so if you are planning to attend with a large group (e.g., a Scout Troop), I would appreciate it if you would contact me by phone or email. Note that the White and Yellow courses will most likely have one short cross-country section which will be streamered.

Montebello can be quite hot in early October, and there is very little shade in the start and registration areas. Bring sunblock, hats, etc. There is quite a bit of poison oak throughout the park. Wear full body cover and take precautions. Open areas can be choked with star thistle. Thick pants are strongly recommended. Dogs are not allowed in either Montebello or Skyline OSP.


Take the Page Mill Road exit off I-280 in Palo Alto. Follow Page Mill south (uphill) for about 10 miles. Do NOT park in the lots labeled "Montebello" on Page Mill Rd. Instead, proceed to the stop sign at Skyline Blvd. Make a left, and go about 1 mile to the Skyline Ridge OSP parking lots, on the right. Once you've turned into Skyline OSP, park in the Equestrian lot, to the left. Registration will be on the other (north) side of Skyline Blvd; please follow signs and streamers through the parking lots to the designated road crossing.

Alternate routes: from the South Bay, consider taking Route 9 through Saratoga to Skyline Blvd and then going north; from the north, consider taking Route 92 to Skyline Blvd and going south.