Golden Gate Park

San Francisco
Sunday, July 22, 2001

Contact: Mike Springer, 415-564-5543

On July 22 come rediscover why Golden Gate Park is one of the greatest urban parks. Sundays are great days to head out to the park, as four-tire vehicular traffic is replaced by two-legged bipedal traffic in many locations. The weather in July can be beautiful and sunny and maybe even a bit warm, or slight cool and foggy, so definitely bring your sunscreen and jacket.

The park is 3 miles long and 9 blocks wide, very runable and criss-crossed with numerous trails (which should hopefully all be newly mapped). Vegetation indigenous to many continents can be spotted, along with an occassional duck or buffalo encounter. The courses should hopefully take even the locals to at least one part of the park they haven't seen before.

We will be offering five courses: White, Long White, Yellow, Orange, and Long Orange.

Course           Distance (km)   Elevation Gain (ft)    Controls

White               2.5               60                   7
Long-White          6.5              240                  14
Yellow              3.7               70                   8
Orange              6.0              280                  10
Long-Orange        10.3              400                  17


The Start/Finish will be on JFK Drive, at the eastern end of Speedway Meadow just to the east of the Polo fields.

Parking should be available along JFK or just outside the park on the city streets. Parking between 25th and 30th avenues just north of the park should also be convenient