Palo Alto
Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Contact: Syd Reader

Training session

This session will emphasize pace-counting (and compass bearing). First, you will measure your pace for a known distance.

Next, There will be a map with only small 'windows' of map around each of a number of controls; the rest of the map will be blanked out. You will practice pace counting (and taking good bearings, of course) to navigate between controls. This part of the session will not be timed, in order to focus on counting and bearings, rather than speed.

There will also be one or two courses (with regular maps) available to try out your new skills on something resembling a regular course.

Time: I will be giving out maps from 6 to 7 PM.


We will meet at the south side of the intersection of Arboretum Rd and Lasuen St - in the semi-open area of the north side of campus.

From Highway 101, exit at Oregon Expressway/Embarcadero Road and take Embarcadero Rd west past El Camino (where the name changes to Galvez St on campus). After crossing El Camino, turn right onto Arboretum Rd. Lasuen St is a small street on the left (before you reach the signal at Palm Drive); turn left and park on Lasuen St.

From I-280, exit at Page Mill road and drive east to Junipero Serra. Turn left on Junipero Serra and drive to Campus Drive East. Turn right and drive halfway around the campus. After the stop sign intersection at Galvez St (and before Palm Drive), turn right onto Lasuen St. Drive to the end of this street segment, where it hits Arboretum Rd, and park.