Garin Regional Park

Monday, May 28, 2001

Contact: Wyatt Riley

Training session

Yes, it's Memorial Day, but how 'bout a little exercise to work off those grilled goodies?

Mass start at 10:30 am. I'll be around until about noon taking down times. Don't want to start that early? Let me know by e-mail, and you can run later and pick up the flags.


For men aged 21-34, there are 13 controls, 5 km, with 350m climb. For others, it's shorter.

Everyone must go the the first and last control of the 13. From the last control to the finish, for safety reasons you are required to take the road around to the south. Both of these legs are marked and the map with arrows to remind you.

For anyone besides men aged 21-34, you can skip N of the other controls, where N is your USOF relay points.


Small pink flags with a letter written on the flag that you write on your map. Example at the start.


Important disclaimer: This is NOT a normal orienteering-quality map. Unimproved USGS, many big trails missing... Dirt roads in the wrong place. Most of the contours are generally accurate (see note below.)


Control locations are generally off-trail, but in grass, not forest. The ground is also pretty dry and has significant cow-craters in some locations. As a result, I'd recommend you wear gaiters, good off-trail shoes (grass-seed resistant), and thin pants.

Course/Terrain Notes


From 880 in Hayward, just south of 92 and north of 84, exit at Industrial and follow it east toward the hills. About 2 miles later Industrial hits Mission Blvd. - turn right here. In about 300 meters, turn left onto Garin Ave. and follow this uphill to the park. Go to the north end of the northern parking area.

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