Indian Valley

Sunday, May 20, 2001

Contact: Gary Kraght, 415-383-4429

Indian Valley, part of the Marin County Open Space District, has some of the nicest orienteering terrain in the Bay Area. At its center is the College of Marin Indian Valley Campus, which is surrounded by nicely forested ridge and reentrant. Some areas are steep, particularly farther away from the campus, but the topography allows for interesting, creative course setting. This means that White and Yellow courses can be easily set, using the abundance of trails and other features surrounding the campus, while advanced courses will provide a real mental and physical workout.

Indian Valley will be a standard B meet, with all seven courses and electronic punching on the advanced courses. Dwight Freund, founding president of Gold Country Orienteers and long-time BAOC member, is the coursesetter. Estimated course lengths and climbs are:

        controls    length    climb

white       9        2.4 km     40 m
yellow     10        3.2        95
orange     12        3.9       150
brown      11        3.0       135
green      12        4.5       305
red        14        5.3       360
blue       19        7.1       460
If the weather is good, you may want to consider bringing a picnic lunch. Indian Valley has spacious green lawns next to registration, a very pleasant locale to hang out with your orienteering buddies. See you there!

At this event, we will also hold our annual club meeting and election of officers.


To get to Indian Valley, take Highway 101 through Marin County to southern Novato and exit at Ignacio Blvd. Head west on Ignacio. Go all the way until Ignacio Bvld. terminates at the Indian Valley campus entrance. Follow the campus road to its end and park in the huge parking lot. Registration will be at its customary location near the campus pool.