Santa Rosa
Sunday, April 22, 2001

Contact: Gary Kraght, 415-383-4429

On April 22, come join us for the best technical orienteering in the Bay Area. Annadel State Park has been used for a national championship, and is full of quarries and pits and knolls from previous mining activity. It is not unusual to see humbled orienteers wandering around with glazed eyes still looking for "pit number 7" days after an Annadel event. However, we will also have beginner-friendly White and Yellow courses, and plenty of wildflowers to cheer you along.

Scott Aster will be setting all seven traditional courses, from White to Blue. There will be no e-punching. Registration is open from 9 AM until noon, with Beginner's Clinics starting around 9:30 and continuing as long as there is demand. Starts will close at 12:30 and courses will close at 2:00 pm.

Course stats:

White     2.5 km   140 m climb
Yellow    3.6 km   175 m
Orange    3.2 km   210 m
Brown     3.1 km   170 m
Green     5.6 km   225 m
Red       6.5 km   305 m
Blue      8.6 km   450 m
Many thanks to Steve Gregg, who is vetting all of the advanced courses. (White and Yellow have already been vetted.) I think you will find the courses exciting and technical.

Big thanks to Judy Koehler. Give her some applause when you see her. Annadel was originally scheduled for April 8, and the date was changed on the request of the Annadel park staff. The original date had already been on our web site and had gone out in publicity to various newspapers. Judy spent last Sunday morning greeting the 20+ people who showed up looking for an orienteering event. Hopefully, no one was too disappointed and many will return to the real event on the 22nd.

As a condition of using the park, we must now operate a shuttle from outside. If you would like to help out, we need a couple of vans or bigger cars, and volunteer drivers. Parking and registration will take place at the northern Spring Lake County Park entrance. The shuttle will take you from registration to the start (which is not at the end of Channel Drive this year).


In Marin County, take Highway 101 north to Santa Rosa, exiting at Highway 12 East. Follow Highway 12 as it makes a left onto Farmers Lane. Turn right on Montgomery and proceed on Channel Drive to just outside the Spring Lake northern park entrance. There is limited free parking in the area, or you can park in the huge Spring Lake lot for a fee. Registration will be inside the Spring Lake entrance. The car shuttles will pick you up on Channel drive just outside the park entrance.