Bear Valley Ski-O

Saturday & Sunday, March 3-4, 2001

Contact: Tony Pinkham, 650-969-5320

This year, the Bear Valley Ski-O will be a two-day event with a score-O on Saturday and point-to-point courses on Sunday, plus beginner courses both days. Both days provide courses that are challenging to all skill levels. Matthias Kohler has designed the point-to-point courses, and Tony Pinkham did the score-O courses.

Saturday, March 3

For Day 1, we have three score-O courses (same course but three different time limits), plus a White point-to-point course for beginners. In a score-O, you find as many controls as you can, in any order, within a specified time limit.
Course         Level                       Distance/Time

Start-O           Young children              0.5 km (in view of parents) 
White             Beginners                   3.8 km on beginner ski trails 
Short Score-O     Novice to advanced          90 minutes 
Medium Score-O    Intermediate to advanced    135 minutes 
Long Score-O      Advanced only               180 minutes 
We will use standard punches for these courses.

Sunday, March 4

For Day 2, we have White (same course as Saturday), Yellow, Orange, Green, and Ultraviolet (Blue) point-to-point courses. For these courses (our standard event format), you find all the controls in the order shown on your map; shortest time wins.

This is the second of three events that count toward the 2001 California Ski-O Champs.

Course       Level                   Distance & Climb

Start-O         Young children          0.5 km 0 m, in view of parents
White           Beginners               3.8 km 0 m, beginner ski trails (same course as Saturday) 
Yellow          Advanced beginners      4.8 km 30 m, beginner ski trails 
Orange          Intermediates           8.4 km 80 m, intermediate ski trails 
Green           Easier advanced         12 km 210 m, easier advanced ski trails 
Ultraviolet     Tougher advanced        20 km 400 m, tougher advanced ski trails 
Depending on whether we use standard control punches or electronic punches, the Orange, Green, and Ultraviolet courses will be in either Motala format using standard punches (each course has 1-3 laps with a different map for each lap) or single-map format using electronic punches. If we are able to use electronic punching, we can very effectively set up large courses using routes never before used at this medium-sized ski resort.


Registration is fast and simple, and will be next to the Bear Valley trailhead (across the road from the Bear Valley XC Center). One fee pays for your trail pass and orienteering fun. You get to do as many courses as you like for the one fee that you pay each day. The fee includes a special discount made specially for ski orienteering. When you have completed registration, we will give you a ticket that you take to the trailhead for your trail pass. After that, you can go for a beginner clinic or go directly to the starts for your individual start time.


Your fee pay for your orienteering and trail pass, and they are based on your current age, as follows:
  Super Senior (70+ years)       $6 
  Senior       (60-69 years)    $16 
  Adult        (18-59 years)    $20 
  Junior       (13-17 years)    $13 
  Child        (9-12 years)     $10 
  Young Child  (0-8 years)     Free 
If you need to rent skis, you should first stop at the Bear Valley XC Center, where they will be glad to outfit you with skis, boots, and poles.

Beginners Clinics

Beginners clinics are free and will be given on demand. The clinics will be held at the Bear Valley trailhead.


You can start each day anytime between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm. You have up to three hours to finish your course, but all courses close by 3:00 sharp (so we can change and/or pick up controls). All starts and finishes are at the Bear Valley trailhead.


There will be awards presented to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place male and female finishers for the point-to-point courses on Sunday. To receive an award, stick around until the awards ceremony at 2:30 pm (place to be announced). Sunday's results will also be included in the standings for the 2001 California Ski-O Champs.


Housing is available for 10 volunteers at the Bear Valley Hostel (above the XC Center, which is across the street from the starts and finishes). The cost is $25 per night plus your volunteered services each event day and possibly (probably not) some prep work in the evenings. To stay in the hostel, e-mail me at or call 650-969-5320. Call early to ensure a reservation.

You can also call Bear Valley Reservations (209-753-2325) or Calaveras County Lodging (800-225-3764) for other housing arrangements.


Registration, beginner's clinics, starts, and finishes will be at the trailhead of Bear Valley Cross Country.

To get to Bear Valley Cross Country:

  1. Take Highway 5 or Highway 99 to Highway 4 near Stockton.
  2. Drive 70 miles East on Highway 4 to the Bear Valley Cross Country resort. (Bear Valley Cross Country is just 120 miles from Sacramento and Livermore.)
  3. Follow the orange-and-white orienteering signs to parking and registration.