Joe Grant

San Jose
Sunday, Jan. 21, 2001

Contact: Mark Blair, 925-462-2254

So why, you ask, should I go orienteering at Joe Grant County Park on January 21 when I was just there a scant two months before? Well, one possible answer might be that you missed the meet in November and you've just been sick with regret ever since. But the real reason you want to return so soon, far more compelling than all other reasons, is that the entire Joe Grant map is now in the OCAD system. That's right! Come help us celebrate the inauguration, one day after the U.S. President's inauguration (whew), of BAOC's newest map to be ocadified. All courses will be pre-marked on pre-printed OCAD maps.

Joe Grant County Park, halfway up Mount Hamilton from San Jose, is one of BAOC's oldest and most beloved venues. The large grassy meadow bordering park headquarters is ringed by rolling hills of oaks and moderate vegetation, finally reaching into higher, more distant hills of sparse pine forest. The park is one of the club's most runnable areas.

This midwinter event is on a somewhat smaller scale than usual. Electronic punching will not be provided. Three courses will be offered: White/Yellow, Orange, and a Score-O.

Dean French has set a White/Yellow level course for beginners and an Orange course intended for those of intermediate navigational skills.

                       distance   climb 
     White/Yellow       3.3 km    110 m 
     Orange             4.1 km    150 m
The WY stays mostly on the trail, with a little off-trail work. Most control placement is on the White level, with 3-4 on the Yellow level. The Orange course goes up into the western portion of the map to the SE of Quimby Road. It is quite pretty, open, with a few steep ravines that should be avoided. Most of it is open runnable forest with some poison oak that can easily be avoided. There have been pigs sighted on the Orange course.

Anneliese Steuben, BAOC's rising star and recipient of the first BAOC Junior Training Grant, is making her debut as a course setter. She has set a Score-O for the advanced level folks, with time limits of 80 minutes (the Short option) or 120 minutes (the Long option). You need not commit to one of these options beforehand; you can make that decision while you're out there running.

Scoring format will be simple: One point will be scored for each control punched under the time limit, one point will be subtracted for each one minute you exceed the time limit, and all participants with the same number of points will be ranked according to finish time.

But wait, there's more! There will be a mass start for the Score-O at 10:30. PLEASE LET ME KNOW, via e-mail or by phone, if you plan to run the Score-O. This is not mandatory, but it will help us determine how many maps to print.

Starts and finishes for all courses will be very near the area we traditionally use for registration. This is the San Felipe picnic area next to the most southwestern of the parking lots near park headquaters. Registration will begin at 9:30 and end at 12:00. Early starters may begin at 10:00. There will be a period from 10:20-10:35 in which White/Yellow, and Orange starts will be temporarily halted due to the mass start for the Score-0 at 10:30 since they are at the same place.

The weather is going to be nice, but cool. Bring warm clothing and a change of shoes/socks, as the grass will be damp.


From I-680 in northeast San Jose, take one of the two exits onto Alum Rock Avenue and head east (toward the hills). After about 2 miles, turn right onto Mt. Hamilton Road (Hwy. 130). Follow this somewhat windy but scenic road about 9 miles to the park entrance on your right. Pay the $3 vehicle fee at the entry booth and follow the O' signs to parking and registration near the San Felipe picnic area.