Emerald Hills

Redwood City
Sunday, Jan. 7, 2001

Contact: Bob Cooley, 925-462-3810

This will be, as in the past, street-O on the Emerald Hills twisty and steep streets. There will be water and restrooms at the start, but none on the course.

There will be a White course for beginners, plus 50-minute and 75-minute score-Os. The maps will be premarked. Starts are from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. Registration opens at 9:00 am and closes at noon.

There will be simple questions to answer at the control points. Though the questions will be very straightforward, there will be a special award for the most convoluted reasoning that produces the most impossible answer.

Sample question:

What color is the black house?       a.  yellow
                                     b.  magenta
                                     c.  cyan
                                     d.  all the above


The start and finish is at Roy Cloud School, located at the corner of Jefferson Ave. and Emerald Hill Road. Take I-280 to the Farm Hill Blvd. exit. Go north on Farm Hill about one mile to the intersection with Emerald Hill Rd. and turn left. Go three blocks and turn right onto Red Oak Way, and then make an immediate left into the school parking lot.