WRE Embargo: Morgan Territory

Contact: George Minarik, course setter

The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) has approved BAOC's application to hold a World Ranking Event (WRE) on Sunday, October 28, 2001. The event will take place at Morgan Territory Regional Preserve, 10 miles north of Livermore, California. The WRE will be part of the O in the Oaks A-meet, which will offer two days of nationally ranked orienteering for all age groups.

In accordance with IOF regulations for World Ranking Events, the following embargo announcement is made:

Morgan Territory Regional Preserve is embargoed for potential WRE entrants between February 14 and October 27, 2001.

This means that anyone visiting this area between those dates will be ineligible to compete in the WRE event. Morgan Territory Road and the parking lot of Morgan Territory Regional Preserve are not embargoed as long as the competitor does not leave the road or the parking lot.

What is a WRE?

World Ranking Events are held for elite orienteers from around the world. In the U.S., these orienteers generally compete in M21 or F21. The men will run a course of Blue length, while the women will run a course of Red length.

It has not yet been decided if all M21 and F21 competitors will be entered in the WRE. So it is possible there will be a separate competition for non-WRE M21 and F21 competitors.

Further information on WRE events can be found on the IOF website.