Sierra 2000 O-Fest

Lodging in North Lake Tahoe

Here is a list of places to stay in the North Lake Tahoe area. We cannot vouch for completeness, quality, prices, availability, etc.

* = bed & breakfast

Lake Tahoe Central Reservations		530-583-3494
North Tahoe Lodging Reservations	530-583-3494

All Seasons Resort	Incline Village	775-831-3318
*Alpine Chalet		Tahoe City	530-583-1550
Alpine Village Motel	Truckee		800-933-1787
Alta Hotel		Truckee		530-587-3801
Ann's Cottages		Kings Beach	530-546-3144
Aspen Grove		Incline Village	775-832-1310
Beesley's Cottages	Tahoe Vista	530-546-2448
Best Western Truckee 
   Tahoe Inn		Truckee		800-528-1234
Big 7 Motel		Kings Beach	530-546-2541
Blue Waters Lodge 
   and RV Park		Kings Beach	530-546-7884
*Bocks 10064 House	Truckee		530-582-1923
Brockway Springs Resort	Kings Beach	530-546-4201
*Bryn'nn B&B		Tahoe Vista	530-546-9472
Cal Lodge		Norden		800-426-3392
Cal Neva Motor Lodge	Kings Beach	800-648-2324
Cedar Glen Lodge	Tahoe Vista	530-546-4281
*Chaney House		Homewood	530-525-7333
Charmey Chalet Resort	Tahoe Vista	530-546-2529
Chateau, The		Incline Village	800-468-2463
Chinquapin Lakefront 
   Resort		Tahoe City	800-732-6721
Christy Inn		Squaw Valley	530-583-3451
Cisco Grove Resort	Soda Springs	530-426-3221
Club Tahoe Resort	Incline Village	775-831-5750
Cottage Hotel		Truckee		530-587-3108
Crown Motel		Kings Beach	530-546-3388
Crystal Bay Club Casino	Crystal Bay	775-831-0512
Crystal Bay Motel	Crystal Bay	775-831-0287
Diamond Peak Ski Resort	Incline Village	775-832-1132
*Donner Country Inn	Truckee		530-587-5574
Donner Lake Village 
   Resort		Truckee		800-621-6664
Donner Ski Ranch	Norden		530-426-3635
Donner Summit Lodge	Soda Springs	530-426-3638
Edgelake Beach Club	Tahoe Vista	530-546-5974
Falcon Lodge		Kings Beach	530-546-2583
Ferrari's Crown Motel	Kings Beach	800-645-2260
Firelite Lodge		Tahoe Vista	530-546-7222
Foothill Motel		Kings Beach	530-546-3036
Fox Den Cottages	Kings Beach	530-546-3828
Franciscan Lakeside 
   Lodge		Tahoe Vista	530-546-6300
Gold Crest Resort Motel	Kings Beach	800-852-5348
Grubstake Lodge		Homewood	530-525-5505
*Hania's B&B Inn	Truckee		530-582-5775
*Haus Bavaria		Incline Village	775-831-6122
*High Country Inn B&B	Sierra City	800-862-1530
Holiday House		Tahoe Vista	530-546-2369
Holiday Inn Express	Truckee		530-582-9999
Homeside Motel		Homewood	530-525-9990
Homewood Marina Lodge	Homewood	530-525-6728
*Hoyfjellet Lodge	Soda Springs	530-426-9909
Hyatt Regency Lake 
  Tahoe Resort		Incline Village	800-233-1234
Inn at Incline		Incline Village	775-831-1052
*Knotty Pine B&B	Tahoma		530-525-1023
Lake of the Sky 
  Motor Inn		Tahoe City	530-583-3305
Lakeside Tennis 
  and Ski Resort	Incline Village	800-624-7980
Loch Leven Lodge	Truckee		530-587-3773
*Mayfield House		Tahoe City	530-583-1001
Mother Nature's Inn	Tahoe City	800-558-4278
Mourelatos Lakeshore 
  Resort		Tahoe Vista	800-824-6361
*Norfolk Woods Inn	Tahoma		530-525-5000
North Lake Lodge	Kings Beach	530-546-2731
North Shore Lodge	King's Beach	530-546-4833
Northwood Pines Motel	Kings Beach	530-546-2338
Olympic Village Inn	Squaw Valley	530-561-6000
Pepper Tree Inn		Tahoe City	530-583-3711
Pine Cove Cottages	Tahoe Vista	530-546-3873
Plumpjack Squaw 
  Valley Inn		Squaw Valley	530-583-1576
*Rainbow Lodge		Royal Gorge	530-426-3871
Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge	Kings Beach	530-546-6262
Resort at Squaw Creek	Squaw Valley	530-583-6300
Richards Motel		Truckee		530-587-3662
*Richardson House	Truckee		530-587-5388
River Ranch Lodge	Tahoe City	530-583-4264
*Rockwood Lodge		Homewood	530-525-5273
Rodeway Inn		Tahoe City	530-583-3711
Rustic Cottages		Tahoe Vista	530-546-3523
Seven Pines Motel	Kings Beach	530-546-9886
*Shooting Star B&B	Carnelian Bay	530-546-8903
*Shore House 
   at Lake Tahoe	Tahoe Vista	530-546-7270
*Ski Inn		Soda Springs	530-426-0849
Snow Peak Lodge		Kings Beach	530-546-5111
*Soda Springs 
   Creekside B&B	Soda Springs	530-426-9308
Squaw Tahoe Resort	Squaw Valley	530-583-7226
Squaw Valley 
   Accommodations	Squaw Valley	530-583-3451
Squaw Valley Lodge	Squaw Valley	530-583-5500
*Stanford Alpine Chalet	Tahoe City	530-583-1550
Stevenson's Holiday Inn	Kings Beach	530-546-2269
Sun-in-Sand Lodge	Kings Beach	530-546-2515
Sunnyside Lodge		Tahoe City	530-583-7200
Sunset Inn		Truckee		530-587-8234
Super 8 Lodge		Truckee		530-587-8888
Swiss Lakewood Lodge	Homewood	530-525-5211
Ta-Tel Lodge		Kings Beach	530-546-2411
Tahoe Biltmore Lodge 
   and Casino		Crystal Bay	775-831-0660
Tahoe Cedars Lodge	Tahoma		530-525-7515
Tahoe City Inn		Tahoe City	530-581-3333
Tahoe Lake Cottages	Tahoma		530-525-4411
Tahoe Marina Lodge	Tahoe City	530-583-2365
Tahoe Vista Inn 
   and Marina		Tahoe Vista	530-546-7662
*Tahoe Wilderness Lodge	Tahoe City	530-581-0323
Tahoma Lodge		Tahoma		530-525-7721
*Tahoma Meadows B&B	Tahoma		530-525-1553
*Tamarack Creek B&B	Twin Bridges	530-659-0325
Tamarack Lodge Motel	Tahoe City	530-583-3350
Tradewinds Motel	Kings Beach	530-546-2497
Travelodge Tahoe City	Tahoe City	530-583-3766
*Traverse Inn		Soda Springs	530-426-3010
*Truckee Hotel		Truckee		800-659-6921
Truckee Tahoe Inn	Truckee		800-824-6385
Villa Vista		Tahoe Vista	530-546-1550
Vista Shores Resort	Tahoe Vista	530-546-3635
Woodvista Lodge		Kings Beach	530-546-3839