Bon Tempe

Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 9-10, 2000

Contact: George Minarik, 510-525-1574

Registration is closed - event full. No on-site registration.

It's fitting that BAOC ends its first 20th-century schedule with an event on one of its oldest continuously used maps, Bon Tempe, which was first created in 1978.

This event will feature manual punching. All courses will be printed on the map. There will not be a beginner's clinic. Starts and finishes are located adjacent to the parking area.

Saturday: Starts between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. Courses close at 3:30 pm.

Sunday: Starts between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm. Courses close at 2:00 pm.

Hazards: All courses cross the main park road two or more times. Beware of car and bicycle traffic. There are some steep slopes especially on the Red Course. I have not seen any poison oak but am sure it is there. Take precautions with Technu. Check for ticks. Rain could bring slippery rocks and flooded paths.


The 4 courses will be the same both days.
Course    Controls   Distance   Climb

Yellow       9        2.8 K     190 M
Orange      13        3.2 K     190 M
Brown       10        3.3 K     200 M
Red         17        5.8 K     320 M

Map and Terrain

Evan Custer digitized the map in 1998 and that has allowed us to make numerous corrections. Although the map still is below our normal mapping standards, it is getting better all the time. But beware of the mapping inconsistencies as some areas have yet to be revised. A big thanks go to Harold and Penny DeMoss, who have done extensive revisions and did a great job in revising the complicated area known as "the Hillside of Death."

The map is in full color and is printed at 1:10000. Because there is a wide 40 ft. (12.2m) contour interval landforms are not depicted with great accuracy. You may find yourself climbing in areas that have wide intervals between contours.

There are several nonstandard symbols on the map. Brown X's can either be rootstocks or stumps. Green circles can either be lone trees in an open area or a unique tree in a forest. A circle of small black dots indicates the outside boundary of a ring of redwood trees.

The vegetation is unevenly mapped. It is sometimes hard to distinguish between forest (white), rough open with scattered trees (orange with white circles) and slow run (light green). To help with navigation decisions, I have added some patches of slashed green line to indicate areas of fallen trees that may slow down a runner.

Rock features are unevenly mapped. Sometimes the differences between a cliff, boulder, boulder field and stony ground are unclear.


Please try to carpool. There will be no orienteering signs posted, as we want to be as discrete as possible.

From Highway 101 north in Marin County, exit at Sir Francis Drake Blvd. and go west. Continue on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. through Ross and San Anselmo to Fairfax. In the center of the town of Fairfax, turn left at the traffic light onto Claus Dr. Make an immediate left onto Broadway, followed by another immediate right onto Bolinas. Follow Bolinas for 1.4 miles up into the hills. Make a left onto Sky Oaks Road, and follow it into the park. After paying the $5 fee, drive to the end of the road and park in the lot. Look for my green minivan with a control attached to it.