Arizona State Championships

Pacific Region Ranking Event

Tucson, Arizona
Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 14-15, 2000

Contact: Peg Davis, 520-628-8985

Preregister by Oct. 11 to receive a premarked map.

The Tucson Orienteering Club cordially invites you to attend the 2000 Arizona State Championships and Pacific Region Ranking Event. White, yellow, orange, green, and red courses will be offered.

Schedule for both days:

	8:30 AM 	beginner's clinic
	9:00 AM 	courses open
	11:00 AM 	last start
	1:00 PM 	courses close
	1:00 PM 	control retrieval begins
On Saturday there will be a remote start/finish area requiring a 20-minute walk.

On Sunday, course leaders will begin a chase start at 9.00 am. The last chase start will be at 9.30 am; thereafter people will be started at 2-minute intervals in order of their finish on Saturday. Times will be computed by simply adding the two days together. If people show up for Sunday only, they can start between 9.30 am and 11 am. Awards ceremony will be as shortly after noon as possible.

While the vegetation is not as hostile as our 1996 A-meet site, you may want to bring clothing sturdier than O suits. Daytime highs will probably be in the 80s, nighttime lows in the 50s with little chance of rain. Sunblock available at the start.

Preregistration by Oct. 11 is required to receive a premarked map. However, all it takes to preregister is to e-mail or phone 520-628-8985 and announce 1) your name, 2) your course, and 3) what days you'll be participating. Everyone else will be copying their control locations on the clock.

Lodging & Camping

The meet site is approximately an hour southeast of the Tucson airport on part of the map used for the 1997 Arizona Rogaine.

There are the usual hotels next to the Tucson airport, or you can find lodging in Sonoita, the picturesque little town about 10 miles south of the meet site.

Onsite camping (no facilities, bring your own water) will be available free Friday and Saturday night.