Arastradero Preserve

Palo Alto
Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Mid-week training session

Contact: Werner Haag, 408-243-4234

TIME: 6:15 PM on, staggered paired starts

AMMENITIES: Water fountain and portable toilets

MAP: 5-color Topo plus hand-drawn features, ~1:11,000. About 3 sq. km.

COST: $2 per map


1) White/Yellow standard style course using Start-O' controls for beginners. For more advanced orienteers who just want to run, I'll mark some extra control locations on the map, but there will not be an actual bag there.

2) Advanced Exercise. You will be paired with another person of approximately equal ability. Each person will have a map with only every other control marked on it, i.e., Person 1 will have controls 1-3-5-7, etc. and #2 will have 2-4-6-8, etc. #1 will navigate to the first control location while #2 follows and tries to visualize where they are on the map. When #1 decides he/she has arrived, #2 has to explain to #1 where they are. There may or may not actually be a control at the location (depending on if I have time to put them out) so #1 will have to navigate carefully to make things fair for #2. On the next control, the roles reverse, so that #2 leads to a control on their map and #1 follows to the unknown location. The follower has the choice of looking at the map while following, or, for extra challenge, not looking at it until they arrive at the next control point.

TERRAIN: Mostly open grassland with some foxtails and thigh-high thistles, varying between easily runnable to slow trudge. There is some forest and you may want to go through one or two short sections of fight. There are some patches of poison oak. Adequate leg protection is a must except for Syd Reader. The landscape is hilly, but not too steep, with good views of the bay and Stanford dish. There are many trails and fences as route choices, handrails, and catching features. There also may be swaths of plowed up ground (fire breaks) that are NOT mapped, as they may change from year to year. There are lots of good point features such as lone trees, vegetation boundaries, and rootstock.

REMEMBER: You will be on your own, as this is not a formal event.


Take Page Mill road Southwest from I-280 about 0.5 km. Make a right onto Arastradero road and follow about 1 km to dirt parking area on right side of road.