Stanford University

Palo Alto
Sunday, April 2, 2000

by Syd Reader, president, Stanford University Orienteering Club

Join the Stanford Orienteering Club for a spring-time frolic through scenic Stanford University, where there are no steep hills or poison oak. SUOC has reserved a beautiful spring day for our meet, so this will be an ideal family outing.

Registration will be open from 9:00 am to noon in front of Tresidder Student Union. Beginner's clinics will be offered on request from 9:30 to 10:30. Starts will be available from 10:00 until 12:30. All participants must check in at the finish by 2:00 pm, whether or not they have finished their course. (Even if you decide not to finish your course, we want to know that you have gone home safely.)


Four courses will be offered:
     White            9 Controls     2.5 Km      Beginners
     Yellow          11 Controls     4.25 Km     Advanced beginners
     Orange          10 Controls     4.75 Km     Intermediate
     Long Orange     15 Controls     7.5 Km      Intermediate
In addition, we hope to have a Start-O' for young children (with parental supervision).

The White and Yellow courses might be slightly trickier than usual, given the high level of detail of the map and the occasional need to be aware of multi-level mapping (building overhangs, porches, bridges, etc.). The Orange courses are probably easier than a typical Orange course, but do take advantage of some natural features. Advanced orienteers will be able to practice a lot of fine navigation.

MAP NOTES: It is important on all courses to be aware that a grey area on the map indicates a building overhang, passage, or elevated walkway that can be passed under, through or over. Also, note that you must not cross an "uncrossable level change" (indicated in the map by a black line with two dots) even if you think you see a way to cross.

SAFETY NOTES: Please be aware that there will be automobile traffic on the roads. Please keep a careful eye out for traffic. Your safety is more important than your orienteering time. Also, observe all out-of- bounds areas (red lines) and construction areas (red crosshatching), and make sure you stay out of them. Be aware that the open fields are populated by ground squirrels, and thus there are lots of holes in the ground. Runners on the Long Orange course should be wary of barbed-wire fences on the west side of the lake.

BAOC members take note

We are guests of the Stanford Orienteering Club and must, at all times, be courteous to others on campus.

Also, BAOC will hold its annual general meeting and club elections in conjunction with this event.

Stanford Orienteering Club thanks the following BAOC members for their organizational help: Dwight Freund, course-setter; Mike Fleishman (650-851-5688); and Chuck Spalding (650-321-6216).


From Highway 101, exit at Oregon Expressway/Embarcadero Road and take Oregon Expressway southwest past El Camino (where the name changes to Page Mill Road) to Foothill Expressway/Junipero Serra Blvd. Turn right onto Junipero Serra and follow the common directions below.

From Highway I-280, exit at Page Mill Road and drive northeast to Foothill Expressway/Junipero Serra Blvd. Turn left onto Junipero Serra and follow the common directions below.

Common to both routes: Drive on Junipero Serra to Campus Drive East. Turn right and drive to Mayfield Avenue. Turn left and follow Mayfield around a 90-degree left turn. Park in the first parking lot on your right. Registration will be in front of the large building just north of the parking lot.