Royal Gorge Ski-O

Soda Springs
Sunday, February 6, 2000

by Wyatt Riley, 510-742-9751

This year's Royal Gorge Ski-O will be co-hosted by BAOC and GCO, together with the cross-country ski management at Royal Gorge, which is in Soda Springs, just over an hour east of Sacramento. Royal Gorge offers one of the finest and best-managed cross-country ski trail systems in the world, and with 300 kilometers of groomed trails, Royal Gorge is the largest cross-country ski area in North America.

Generally, the orienteering will not include technical control placement. Quick decisions and smart route choice will be important. The course for beginners is set short enough and easy enough that even if it's your first time on cross-country skis or your first time orienteering, you should finish with enough energy left to try one of the Score-O events.

As in the past, Royal Gorge will generously provide prizes for many finishers.

Registration begins at 9 am in the main lodge (Summit Station) - just ask the same people who are selling trail passes. Starts are from 10:15 am to 1:00 pm. However, we will begin control pickup at 3 pm, so if you are doing the Long Score O, please start by 12:00.

Course Notes

We are offering a White course, 6.5km long, which is a reasonably challenging point-to-point course with 8 control points, suggested for either first-time/beginning skiers OR first-time/beginning orienteers.

We are also offering an 18 control Score course, with up to 25km of distance (if you decide to get them all...) There will be Short and Long variations with time limits of 90 and 180 minutes respectively. You will receive 10 points for each control visited, and only be penalized 2 points per minute late. Ties will be broken by the shortest elapsed time.

Subtle Score O' Details:

Special Discounts

Royal Gorge will offer BAOC and GCO members special discounts on trail passes, rentals, and lessons on both Saturday and Sunday, should you want to make a two-day event of it.

Saturday, Feb. 5 (day before the event)

Sunday, Feb. 6 (event day) For lessons, you may want to make reservations by calling Royal Gorge at 530-426-3871. They can also provide more information and guidance on lodging.


From I-80 about 80 minutes east of Sacramento (15 minutes west of Truckee), take the Norden/Soda Springs exit, Go straight through the village for about a miles to the first blinking light/stop sign. Turn right; go across the railroad tracks, past the Soda Springs Downhill Ski area on your right, up the small hill and turn at the second right (you'll see signs by now). After the turn, go straight to the parking lot of the Royal Gorge ski area lodge.

Parking is free.