Emerald Hills

Redwood City
Sunday, Jan. 9, 2000

by Sharon Evans, 650-363-1376

Come join us for the first orienteering event of the New Year! Fulfill one of your resolutions right off the bat by coming out for some fun and exercise in the beautiful highlands of Redwood City. Scenery and vistas abound, and, if you like real estate, there are lots of domiciles to ogle, too! Shorts and running/walking shoes are all that's needed, as there is no poison oak to contend with. Water will be available at the school, but none will be placed on the courses; please prepare accordingly. This event hosts the premier course setting of Sarah Edwards and Dox Doxiadis. They have set some fun courses in quiz sheet format, with multiple choice answers.

Four courses are offered, and all are on premarked maps. Starts are 10:00-12:30, with a 2:00 pm course close. Registration opens at 9:00 am and closes at 12:00 pm. There will not be a mass start for the Score-Os. Beginner's clinics will be available. Possibly there will be a Start-O for the wee ones.

Preliminary course stats (climb is approximate):

Course           Length         Climb            Technical Difficulty

White            1.9 km         10 m             Beginner
Yellow           2.9 km         30 m             Advanced Beginner

Short Score-O    30 minutes     Some climb       Anyone above beginner
Long Score-O     60 minutes     Lots of climb    Anyone above beginner
The starting place is Roy Cloud Elementary School, where bathrooms are available.


Roy Cloud Elementary School is on the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Emerald Hill Road. Take I-280 to the Farm Hill Blvd exit. Go north on Farm Hill about one mile to the intersection with Emerald Hill Road and turn left. Go three blocks and turn right onto Red Oak Way, and then make an immediate left into the school parking lot.