Big Basin WYO & Golden Goat
August 17, 1997

The morning started in the dark, stars just fading to morning twilight as I arrived in the park. With a 10.8 km "Yellow"-level course, there were several visible controls waiting to be put out on the morning of the event. Strategic placement of the control near roads allowed the job to be completed, though, before the first competitor arrived.

So began the 2nd Annual Golden Goat and White, Yellow, Orange level orienteering event, held on August 17th in the beautiful forest of Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Over 100 people came out to the event with 58 entrants braving the Golden Goat!

The morning's White course was laid out well with Eve & John Tobey taking the win in just over 20 minutes. Just 5 minutes back, and only 20 seconds apart were the young Volkov brothers with Vasiliy just edging out Dmitriy.

Yellow was a bit more challenging with controls near but off the trails requiring competitors to pay close attention to how far they had gone before looking off into the woods. Usually an advanced course runner, Dennis Wildfogel won the course in just over 33 minutes, and a first time orienteer, but long time runner & map reader A.J. Portmann took 2nd in about 38 minutes. One of the Big Basin park ranger assistants, Sierra Standish tried orienteering for the first time and finished only a few minutes out of 3rd even after going back for a control she'd missed early in the course. Galina Shaknovsky exclaimed "Good course: this course really makes you think!"

Orange proved a bit too challenging for several of the day's competitors, with a tricky first control, and a hard hill climb to number 5 tiring people out. With many of the faster Orange runners on the Goat, the front of the field was well spread out. Alex Krasnov finished in under 43 minutes, arriving too late to run the Goat. Maria Vargasova ran around the entire length of the Orange course in an impressive 66:25, but missed #8, and found a incorrect nearby control for #11. In second came Jascha Lee at 66:39 followed by the pair of Christopher Dunning and Ben Gorman less than 5 minutes back.

The Golden Goat drew a diverse crowd, bringing orienteers from Seattle (2), LA (5) and Connecticut (1) as well as 50 foolhardy locals. A variety of experience levels were there as well, from accomplished Red and Blue runners, to several Yellow and Orange competitors and even one first time orienteer.

The course was 10.8 km long with a long forked leg with several route choices. The option to skip one control added several more alternatives, especially considering the option to skip the forked control, or the control before or after the forked control. Competitors chose to skip 10 different controls, showing the variety of reasonable options, although most competitors skipped 5 or 10 with many others choosing 14 or 19. After discussions with several competitors, taking the North fork and skipping Control 10 appears to have been the best option, but many competitors were pulled into skipping 5, which was the earliest obvious control to skip. Competitors who hadn't yet skipped a control by 10 were often lulled into skipping 14, which at first glance, appears like a good control to skip, but considering the trails, saves little, if any time. Skipping control 19 seemed like a good control to save for the end, where a competitor could jump 2 minutes ahead of the pack right near the end of the course.

This year's champion of the Goat is Steve Gregg, who won by nearly 7 minutes over his nearest rival. Most of the lead pack had skipped number 5 early on, and Steve had caught back up to it by number 9. Steve, though, hadn't yet skipped a control, and gained a sizable lead by going directly to 11. Pre-race favorite Neeme Loorits apparently didn't have his Wheaties and was unable to keep up his typical pace for the full course. Leading the pack was a tie for second between Derek MacLean and Syd Reader, who crossed the finish line shoulder to shoulder, with Van Boughner only a few seconds behind. Penny DeMoss was the first woman tying for 10th overall with Dan Greene. Angelica Kisel came in 2nd woman, just footsteps ahead of Neeme Loorits. Sarah Minarik (F14) came in 3rd woman, enjoying the navigational break from her usual Brown course. Ian Tidswell, director for this year's Billygoat (on which the Golden Goat idea is based), showed up "on business" from Connecticut to take 12th. First time orienteer Kirk Davis successfully competed the goat in just over 4 hours. And Joan Roos persisted through nearly 5 hours, (including a scary crawl down the very steep slope just northwest of 14) to claim her Golden Goat shirt.

The event could not have gone so well without the help of several volunteers:

Course Design: Lans Taylor, Steve Jankowski
Course Setting: Angelica Kisel, Steve Jankowski, Doug Stein
Course Vetting: Trevor Pering, Steve Jankowski
T-Shirt Design and Production: Angelica Kisel
Map Layout & Printing: Bob Cooley
Registration: Ev & Jean
Starts: Jeff Lanam, Werner Haag
Beginner's Clinics: Werner Haag
Finishes: Galina Shakhnovsky, Werner Haag
Results: Steve Jankowski, Van Boughner, Doug Stein, Neeme Loorits
Control Pickup: Aileen Abernathy, Harold DeMoss, Penny DeMoss, Sharon Evans, Kelly Wells, Dennis Wildfogel, others? (sorry if I missed you!)

Thanks to you all. I look forward to competing in next year's Goat!

-- Wyatt Riley


Name                                  Time
Eve & John Tobey                      20:48
Vasiliy Volkov                        24:40
Dmitviy Volkov                        25:00
Candice, Kevin Torresdal              35:40
Aune's                                38:08
Jane & Frank Romeo, Al & Nancy
  Trifiante, Mike Lieberman           39:36
Jon Morse                             54:30
Klein, Coe & Emmerson                 58:40
Linda Bagnall                         66:45


Name                                   Time
Dennis Wildfogel                       33:43
A.J. Portmann                          38:10
W.J. Switier?                          53:07
Candice/Kevin Torresdal                55:29
Jon Morse                              60:06
Sierra Standish                        61:28
Dustin Consul, Brad Catlin, Troop 139  63:25
Pat & Matt Rabuzzi                     67:55
John, LJ Rakitan                       76:16
Galina Shakhnovsky                     77:19
Klein, Coe & Emmerson                  88:28
Ev & Jean Beuerman                     92:21
Robert, Becky, Freddy Noble & 
  Chris Essex                          99:07
Brian Aune                            140:23
Jane & Frank Romeo, Al & Nancy
  Trifiante, Mike Lieberman           144:20
Joey & Linda Catlin, Troop 139        148:25


Name                                  Time
Alex Krasnov                          42:38
Jascha Lee                            66:39
Christopher Dunning, Ben Gorman       70:54
Jorian Riley, Ben Archibald           76:05
Rachel & Dwight Freund                79:23
Elena Krasnova                       104:38
Mike Catlin                          104:44
Matt Boys, Shawn Klien, Mark Catlin  107:00
Jeff Lanam                           116:22
A.J. Portmann                        119:44
Tom Aust                             132:55
Jack Myers                           138:37
Joe Donato                           148:53
Boyd Montgomery                      153:54
Maria Vargasova         DNF (Found 1-7,9,10 in 66:25)
Ron MacCracker             DNF (Found 1-8)
Brooks Beisch              DNF (Found 1-7)
Teemu Talasmaa             DNF (Found 1-6)
Michael Young              DNF (Found 1-5)
Aune                       DNF (Found 1-5)
Roope Talasmaa             DNF (Found 1-4)
Keith Moffatt, David McCrum
  & Rob Jensen             DNF (Found 2-4)

Golden Goat

Name                        Time    Fork   Skipped
Steve Gregg                 88:46      N       10
Derek Maclean               95:27      N        5
Syd Reader                  95:27      N       14
Van A. Boughner             95:34      N        5
Tapio Karras                96:01      N        5
Steve Jankowski             96:02      N       10
Adam Smith                  98:16      S        5
Michihiro Kamijima         100:07      S        5
Kent Ohlund                105:00      S        5
Dan Greene                 107:44      N        7
Penny DeMoss               107:44      N       10
Ian Tidswell               112:18      N       10
Steve Smith                116:16      N        5
Leo Eisner                 116:39      N        3
Andrew Roth                118:32      N       14
Mark Prior                 119:34      N       19
George Minarik             119:46      N       19
Bruce Bassett              121:26      N        5
Angelica Kisel             122:38      N        5
Neeme Loorits              122:39      N        7
Charlie Graham             125:09      N       19
Alan Glenndinning          125:24      S        8
Bob Cooley                 125:27      N       10
Michael Poulsen            131:22      -        9
Kelly Wells                131:23      N       10
Josh Friederichs           131:25      S        8
Evan Custer                131:42      N       14
Doug Stein                 134:27      N       10
Manfred Kopisch            135:31      N        7
Sarah Minarik              135:32      N       14
Tony Pinkham               137:12      N        5
Gavin Wyatt-Mair           143:34      N       14
Theo Verhoeven             143:49      N       15
Patty Clemo                144:39      N        1
Mark Blair                 153:59      N       10
Richard Dekany             170:35      S       14
Robert Lewis               171:18      N        5
Steph Maclean              171:20      N        2
Sue Johnson                172:35      N        7
Dave Petty                 177:47      N       10
Sharon Evans               180:59      N        5
Brian Bauman               182:33      N       10
Dave Ingram                201:15      N       14
Mike Maughmer              205:04      N  (none)
Aileen Abernathy           208:22      N        7
Oleg Shakhnovsky           210:39      -        9
Steve Beuerman             210:40      N       10
Leslie Minarik             227:21      S        2
Phillip Hoare              237:26      S        6
Kirk Davis                 243:33      N       17
Rosemary Johnson           259:03      N        7
Jill H. Custer             280:38      N       10
Meg Gerstner               280:38      N       10
Marsha Jacobs              280:38      N       10
Nancy Lindeman             280:45      N       10
Joan Roos                  299:48      N       13
Liz Boyd                     DNF (4 controls)
Audrie Faist                 DNF