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Checking the map at the control

Golden Goat - Results

Date: Sunday, November 21, 2004
Location: Fairfax, CA.
Event Director: - 510.658.4327
Course Setter: Penny DeMoss
Type: C; Courses : White, Yellow, Orange, Kid and Golden Goats
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Writeup by Penny DeMoss

Gerry Goss at Briones, October 2001 (Photo: Judy Koehler)

Hello Goats!

Congratulations to the hardy group that took on what was probably the hardest, toughest, most gruelling BAOC Goat yet. Of the 71 starters, 28 completed the Golden Goat, and 43 made it through the Kid. There was only one DNF, and that was because she lost her E-punch stick between #1 and 2. Harold and I were both impressed and pleased with these stats. The dry weather helped keep spirits up and runners on their feet (those brashing were really slippery two weeks ago when it was raining).

The Golden Goat was 11.7 km with 770 m climb, and the Kid Goat was 6.5 km with 510 m climb. Results can be seen on the BayONet ( and on our Web page (splits included, Also available at those sites are the results of the Orange course, which was in fact a Mini Goat in that all of the controls used were on the Golden Goat course. It was 4.8 km in length with 275 m climb, and was quite difficult by Orange standards. There were 21 finishers and 11 DNFs.

When I was designing the Golden Goat I kept certain things in mind. I didn't want the race to be won or lost based on which of the controls you went to on the split, but I wanted which one you went to on the split to influence which one you skipped. Most of you did the predictable pairings. Those who went to 5a (65) tended to skip 11 (41), and those who went to 5b (75) skipped 6 (36). If you look at the splits, you can see that there was really nothing in it as far as one choice being better than the other. The winner, Martin Kunz went to 75 and skipped 6. If he had gone to 5a and skipped 11, I think you'd all agree that no doubt he still would have won. Mainly it was a matter of personal preference. I know that I personally would have been faster doing the 5a (65) and skip 11 (41) route, because there was more trail running (less time looking at the map and keeping track of where I was all the time). But people chose the 5b (75) and skip 6 (36) route at of ratio of almost 2 to 1. Whatever... There were a couple other skips that weren't bad choices. A few skipped 13 (43) and a couple skipped 10 (40). I thought more would skip 10 (40), because it simplified the leg to 11 (41). You could come down the open, grassy ridge line (right on the edge of the map), head east on major, virtually all downhill all the way to the ditch. (By the way, thanks very much to whomever rehung the control at 11 (41). I noticed when I picked up yesterday that the branch I had hung it on had broken, and someone had very sportingly taken the time to put it up agin. Harold says that 51 on Map 2 had the same fate. In fact Harold tells me that control was quite a mess, as if it had been attacked!) My choice for the order of picking up the controls on Map 2 was 56, 53, 59, 61, 58, 51, 55, 52, 57, 54, 60 and 100. Martin Kunz went in the other direction, as did most runners. After going down from 10 (40) to 11 (41) on Map 1, I thought most runners would avoid the dreaded Map 2 climb from 7 (57) to 2 (52). Second place finisher Mattias Erikson did both maps the way I, as the course setter who spent much time slogging all over the choices, felt was the optimum. The first (and only) woman finisher, Sharon Crawford (recently crowned 2004 Long Course Champ) was 18th place overall. She chose the 5b, skip 6, route and did Map 2 in my preferred order. Congrats Sharon and thanks for coming all the way from Colorado to represent the fairer sex.

Melissa Criqui and Marsha Jacobs show off their "O in the Oaks" T-shirts for the Morgan Territory A-meet, October 2001 (Photo: Judy Koehler)

We had prizes for the first three Golden Goat men and women, and for the first three men and women in the Kid Goat. Because there was only one woman finisher in the Golden Goat, we went four deep in the Kid men and women. Congratulations to Martin Kunz (time 2:06:06), Mattias Erikson (2:14:49), and Vlad Gusiatnikov (2:20:51), who were 1, 2, and 3 on the Golden Goat. (Tapio Karras (2:34:55) took fourth place and won some reindeer droppings for his effort.)

First place man on the Kid Goat, which was Map 1 of the Golden Goat, was James Wilson (1:41:19), second place was Chris Roper (1:44:05), third was Chuck Spalding (1:49:32), and fourth was Dan Dwyer (1:49:54). The first four women on the Kid were Stacy Goss (2:31:49), Patty Clemo (2:50:07), Gina Christopher (2:57:47), and Nikki Chung (3:05:32). If you are one of these 8, and you didn't pick up your prize, send me your address and I will mail it to you.

The fastest time on the Orange course was turned in by the pairing of Tyson Teesdale and Sean Jacobs (1:37:55). Second place went to the female pairing of Heidi Whalen and Julie Urban (143:52), and third was Joe Maffei (1:43:34).

Yesterday was pick up time...time to tramp around and reflect on the meet...what I would have done differently, etc... And there I was, lost in thought, as I approached control 38 (8 on Map 1) only to be startled awake by the aggressive rattle of a huge rattlesnake that was happily sunning itself right at the base of the e-punch stand! Yikes! I used my bundle of empty water jugs to rattle back (from a safe distance of course) and he slithered away into the thicket. Whoa...what a close call. Also, Harold and I chose not to tell you beforehand about the resident mountain lion! Not likely anyone would see it with so much going on.

By the way, we have about 8 shirts left. If you did the Golden Goat or Kid and didn't get a shirt, please send me your address and I will mail you one.

The White and Yellow courses went in opposite directions and were also more challenging than usual. The full results can be seen at the previously mentioned sites, but I want to acknowledge the first three here. The winners on the White course were Tyson Teesdale, G. Adams, & Daniel Murphy (32:09), second place was Tyler Bowman & Sean Jacobs (36:04), and third was Tim Tapscott & Steven Pingree (36:38). The first three on the Yellow course were Joe Maffei (51:40), Carl & David Williams (61:21), and Ben & Randy Thomas (65:38).

I'm going to list the helpers for our event, and it would be nice if you would thank them yourselves sometime when you see them, because it was really a skeleton crew and everyone worked very hard to make this an enjoyable event. Because a lot of people who usually help out were running, we had to make do with fewer helpers.

Thanks very very much to the following people:

The on-site Ranger: Phil Galbreath and his trusty (dog) sidekick, Woody. Phil couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. It was very enjoyable working with him.
Stub runner extraordinaire: Rory MacLean
Permits: Rosemary Johnson
Parking: Anne Gorby, Judy Koehler, and Bill Papendick
Registration: Gary Kraght, Scott, George and Pat Aster
Beginners' clinics: Terry Farrah and Scott Aster
Starts: Ev and Jean Beuerman (White, Yellow and Orange courses)
Finish: Sandra Buergin, Galena Shakhnovsky, and Anne Gorby
E-Punch: Trinka Gillis, Evan Custer, and Rosemary Johnson
Results: Trinka Gillis, Galena Shakhnovsky, Anne Gorby, and
Sandra Buergin
Download treats: Nancy Lindeman
Pick up: Terry Farrah
Map printing & sealing: Bob Cooley

You'll notice this is not a lot of people for a meet that attracted over 200 competitors total. They worked very hard and without relief all day. Please thank them when you see them. Without volunteers, we'd have NO meets. Zero, ziltch...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Like I said before the Goat, you can have seconds (thirds even) guilt free on Thursday.

Harold and Penny DeMoss Cheers
Event directors and course setters Cheers

Syd Reader sprints to the finish at Las Trampas (1999)


Unofficial Splits are also available.

Golden Goat Event
Camp Tamarancho, Fairfax, CA
Sunday, November 21, 2004

Preliminary Results

  Pl  Name                                        Time
  --  ----                                        ----

White Course    (2.8 km, 130 m climb, 9 controls)

   1  Tyson Teesdale, G. Adams, Daniel Murphy     32:09
   2  Tyler Bowman, Sean Jacobs                   36:04
   3  Tim Tapscott, Steven Pingree                36:38
   4  Daniel Kopisch                              41:40
   5  Philipp Kopisch                             44:00
   6  Chris Middegh                               49:30
   7  Andy Distian                                49:35
   8  Charlie Yates                               50:00
   9  Michael Middegh                             50:50
  10  Sedge Dienst, Matthew Bell, Olly Goodman    57:24
  11  Dan Goodman, John Munz, Chris Dienst      1:01:05
  12  Betsy Munz, Andrew Tuttle, Joey Goodman   1:02:20
  13  Chance                                    1:07:23
  14  Ian Makei                                 1:07:33
  15  Nelson Reilly                             1:14:29
  16  Chris Cobey, T. Thompson                  1:16:10
  17  Lance, Greg, & Bill McQuinn               1:18:44
  18  Sue, Mara, Kelsey, Elaine, & Lauren
        McQuinn                                 1:18:45
  19  Ruth, David, Xena, & Ester Rogow          1:21:25
  20  Seren & Supron Mohn                       1:23:15
  21  Mark & Dale Hillard                       1:25:33
  22  Ralf & Teddy Myers                        1:33:35
  23  Kevin & Bryce Killingsworth               1:35:35
  24  Roger & Philip King                       1:35:45
  25  Troop 396 (11 people)                     1:38:30
  26  Kent, Molly, & Adam Hetherwick            1:41:00
  27  Karina & Sabija Masalkovaite,
        A. & B. Ragenas                         1:42:00
  28  Jerry & Geoffrey Mohn                     1:46:15
  29  Ted Mathew                                1:47:55
  30  Elliot Dosker, Jody Coker                 1:49:20
  31  Ross & George Fernwood                    1:49:45
  32  Diane & Kristen Elsmore, Kyla Ainsworth,
        Sara Jones                              1:55:59
  33  Nicole, Justin, & Jordan Egli             2:23:25

      Jim Murphy                                  DNF   (40:25, missed #9)
      Thomas & Bill Whalen                        DNF   (96:25, missed #9)
      Anna & Sofie Whalen                         DNF   (96:58, wrong 1 & 2)
      Alec White, Lauren Battaglia                DNF   (Missed #4 & 5)

Yellow Course   (2.75 km, 160 m climb, 9 controls)

   1  Carl & David Williams                     1:01:21
   2  Ben & Randy Thomas                        1:05:38
   3  Ryan Carlson, Catalena Cebrera            1:05:42
   4  Marina Keating                            1:12:53
   5  Aaron Frantz, Skylar Collins              1:14:08
   6  Junko Yano                                1:14:10
   7  J. Thial, Mark Manfrey                    1:23:47
   8  Rudy Maski, Shena Brewer,
        Eddie Cho, Michael B., James Kim        1:42:30
   9  Ellie & Emma Cantor                       1:44:34
  10  Barb Martien, Jayne Kluger,
        Kingsley & Lhianna Andersen             1:45:58
  11  Coale                                     1:46:23
  12  Troop 290 (15)                            1:50:05
  13  Kyle Grashoff                             1:51:23
  14  Judy Koehler                              1:51:28
  15  Anthony Guilardo                          1:59:49
  16  Anthone Maguni, Brandon McVeigh           2:27:26
  17  Jaine Gallardl, Jim McVeigh               2:30:48

      Garret Morano, Michael Guilardo             DNF

  Second Course

      Joe Maffei                                  51:40
      Michael Middegh, Chris Middegh,
        Andy Distian, Charlie Yates             1:09:52

Orange Course   (4.8 km, 275 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Heidi Whalen, Julie Urban                 1:43:52
   2  Joe Maffei                                1:45:34
   3  Patrick Decowski                          1:52:42
   4  Per Ingelgard                             1:53:18
   5  Terry Farrah                              2:07:05
   6  Leon Zheng                                2:11:38
   7  Trapido, Katsnel Bolomatni                2:33:38
   8  Jeff Van Ausdall                          2:41:11
   9  Jay Frantz, Pat Collins                   2:46:03
  10  Julie Pushkar                             2:50:10
  11  Steve O'Keefe                             2:50:42
  12  Helene Gordon, Alan Houser                2:56:16
  13  Andrew & David Shaw                       2:57:21
  14  Alak Ghosh                                3:54:16

      Rosemary Johnson                            DNF
      Jon Price (ROTC)                            DNF
      Vic Revenko                                 DNF
      Ericq Burris                                DNF
      Steven Pingree, Tim Topscot                 DNF
      Abigail & Kean Freeman                      DNF

  Second Course

      Tyson Teesdale, Sean Jacobs               1:37:55
      Marina Keating                              DNF
      Bowman, Adams, Murphy                       DNF

Golden Kid      (6.5 km, 510 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  James Wilson                              1:41:19
   2  Chris Roper                               1:44:05
   3  Chuck Spalding                            1:49:32
   4  Dan Dwyer                                 1:49:54
   5  George Minarik                            1:55:22
   6  Peter Graube                              1:56:09
   7  Evan Custer                               1:56:34
   8  Rod Jaehn                                 2:02:17
   9  Brett Lehigh                              2:02:18
  10  Manfred Kopisch                           2:03:24
  11  Nik Weber                                 2:06:14  (14 controls)
  12  Gerry Goss                                2:13:08
  13  Bob Cooley                                2:14:04  (14 controls)
  14  Stacy Goss                                2:31:49
  15  Jim Waite                                 2:33:39  (23 controls)
  16  Theo Verhoeven                            2:38:36
  17  Dennis Holmes, Bill Joseph                2:49:11
  18  Patty Clemo                               2:50:07
  19  Wes Erck                                  2:54:00
  20  John Turner                               2:57:36
  21  Gina Christopher                          2:57:47
  22  Nikki Chung, Brad Zuchero                 3:05:32
  23  Jennifer Kerr                             3:09:30
  24  Megon Bergkasel, Greg Friedland           3:11:40
  25  Tim Dreby                                 3:17:59
  26  Oleg Shakhnovsky                          3:22:02  (14 controls)
  27  Laura McKeegan, Rob Clima                 3:40:03
  28  Todd Paulsen                              3:50:00  (22 controls)
  29  Jeff Lanam                                3:50:30
  30  Clara Aarup, Kristen Stinger              3:58:42
  31  Philip Hoare plus one                     4:04:22
  32  Steve Beuerman                            4:04:23
  33  Brian Ridgway                             4:18:42  (19 controls)
  34  Geoff Sears                               4:21:14  (19 controls)
  35  Jim Fish                                  5:45:08
  36  Dean French                               5:45:17
  36  Nancy Lindeman                            5:45:17

      Kristi Ridgway                              DNF

Golden Goat     (~11.75 km, ~770 m climb, 24 controls)

   1  Martin Kunz                               2:06:06
   2  Mattias Erikson                           2:14:49
   3  Vladimir Gusiatnikov                      2:20:51
   4  Tapio Karras                              2:34:55
   5  Mikkel Conrad                             2:37:05
   6  Francois Leonard                          2:38:19
   7  Mathias Kohler                            2:38:38
   8  Steve Gregg                               2:43:12
   9  Pete Huzan                                2:45:24
  10  Andrejus Masalkovas                       2:46:01
  11  Rex Winterbottom                          2:57:27
  12  Piers Newbery                             2:58:08
  13  Kent Ohlund                               2:58:15
  14  Doug Bass                                 3:04:05
  15  Malcolm Wyatt-Mair                        3:05:47
  16  Deron Van Hoff                            3:07:18
  17  Derek MacLean                             3:18:10
  18  Sharon Crawford                           3:19:08
  19  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                          3:29:42
  20  Joshua Wells                              3:29:48
  21  Russell Green                             3:29:50
  22  Bill Papendick                            3:32:15
  23  Steve Smith                               3:40:43
  24  Mark Blair                                3:54:58
  25  Kelly Wells                               3:58:29
  26  Eric Rozenzwieg                           4:16:32
  27  Steve Perez Joe Knapp                     4:36:48
  28  Maxim Bolotin                             4:46:05


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)