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Interesting rock formation at Castle Rock Park

Dimond Park - Results

Date: Sunday, August 29, 2004
Location: Oakland, CA.
Event Director: - 510.531.6697
Course Setter: Steve Gregg
Type: C; Street-O
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Writeup by Steve Gregg

Forty-one people came to Dimond Park to enjoy a beautiful day hiking, running, and biking on the streets, sidewalks, and stairways of Oakland and Piedmont. The new OCAD map made this a much better orienteering experience than it has been in the past, as you can now easily see the staircases between the streets that makes this area so interesting for Street-O. I did not hear a single serious complaint about the quality or the accuracy of the map.

The most challenging course offered was the "get any 21 controls" Foot-O. Rex Winterbottom ate up this course, running an estimated distance of 12 to 13 km in a time of 68:53 (a time which beat all the bicyclists too). Rex is clearly fit and ready to make a big contribution to the BAOC team at this October's Providian Relay. The shorter "get any 7" and "get any 14" courses were won by Finn Arildsen (all the way from Europe!) and Chuck Spalding, respectively.

Melissa Criqui and Marsha Jacobs show off their "O in the Oaks" T-shirts for the Morgan Territory A-meet, October 2001 (Photo: Judy Koehler)

Seven people tackled the courses on bicycle, in five different groups. Mike Brill and Carl Lee (riding as a group, on separate bikes) won the "get any 21 controls" Bike-O in a time of 72:37. And special mention goes to Lori Lewis and Ilya Pratt, who rode the course together on a tandem mountain bike in a little under two hours.

Half-jokingly, I offered a special one dollar prize for anyone finding any serious errors or omissions on the map. Joan Roos won this prize, as she discovered an unmapped staircase near the Oakland-Piedmont border that I have run by literally hundreds of times without noticing until now. Joan's dollar bill will be in the mail tomorrow.

Special thanks to Bob Cooley for loaning me his Epson printer so I could print the maps myself (Bob is currently at the Radio-O world championships in eastern Europe), and to Ev and Jean Beuerman for running registration and waiting with me at the park for the last finishers to straggle in.

Dimond Park

Oakland, CA
Sunday, August 29, 2004


  Pl  Name                       Time

Any 7 Controls, Foot-O

   1  Finn Arildsen              37:05
   2  Tony Pinkham               43:58
   3  Harold DeMoss              44:49
   4  Anna Zaster                52:51
   5  Dwight Freund              55:03
   6  Jane Booth, Daniel King    72:00
   7  Judy Juong, Andrew Leung   93:04
   8  Joan Roos                 115:00
   9  Williams group            144:10
  10  Group S, C, R, & E        170:40
  11  Rebecca Redfield          195:30

Any 14 Controls, Foot-O

   1  Chuck Spalding             69:18
   2  Evan Custer                91:28
   3  Jennifer Kerr              98:14
   4  Wes Erck                  136:00
   5  Shirley Pierce            151:19
   6  Nancy Lindeman            163:08

Any 21 Controls, Foot-O

   1  Rex Winterbottom           68:53
   2  Mattias Eriksson           79:33
   3  Attila Nagy                81:55
   4  Penny DeMoss               82:10
   5  Matt Strother              88:50
   6  Gavin Wyatt-Mair           91:39
   7  Rod Jaehn                  99:59
   8  Andrejus Masalkovas       101:37
   9  Mark Blair                101:42
  10  Steve Beuerman            180:12
  11  Jim Fish                  221:39

Any 7 Controls, Bike-O

   1  Lukas Gruendler            68:50  (Got a flat--finished on foot!)

Any 14 Controls, Bike-O

   1  Scott Aster                70:33

Any 21 Controls, Bike-O

   1  Mike Brill, Carl Lee       72:37  (Separate bikes)
   2  Charles Brenner            89:06
   3  Lori Lewis, Ilya Pratt    112:50  (On a tandem!)