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Dan Green finishing at Dalmur on Day 2 of the 2002 APOC event in Alberta, Canada (Photo: Tony Pinkham)

Golden Gate Park

Date: Saturday, July 17, 2004
Location: San Francisco, CA.
Event Director: - 415.566.7990
Course Setters: Leif Kirschenbaum
Type: C; White, Yellow, and Orange Courses
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Writeup by Deron van Hoff

The orienteering courses seem to be getting better and better at Golden Gate Park since Leif Kirschenbaum and I first attempted course setting at the 2002 event. The first year saw many doglegs and rather obvious route choices. We were able to remove the doglegs the second year, but route choice was still not where it should be. All the credit goes to Leif this year for setting courses that involved some route choice in a park where this is honestly tough to do. The heavy network of trails and roads makes this event part orienteering and part trail running, and Leif did a good job at emphasizing the orienteering as much as possible.

A special thanks to our pre-runners this year. Thiago Ghilardi pre-ran the Long Orange course and spent about 20 minutes searching for the elusive, missing control no. 13. He might have finished in the top three if not for that. Jean van Hoff and Gary Truce pre-ran the Yellow course, and Johannes van Hoff pre-ran the White course. In all, two controls were completely missing from the evening before, and one control was misplaced. Without their efforts, we could have had an unhappy orienteering bunch.

A scenic view at Annadel State Park

Others that helped enormously with the effort were: Bob Cooley printed the maps; Daryl Frame helped set out the white and yellow controls the day before the event; registration was chaired by Scott Aster with help from Gary Kraght, Vic Revenko, and Brad Zuchero; Rosemary Johnson and Judy Koehler provided beginners clinics; starts were handled by Chuck Spalding, Johannes van Hoff, and Leif Kirshenbaum; and finishes were handled by Jean van Hoff and Gary Truce. Gary took a day of his vacation in San Francisco to help out. Gary is from Binghamton University in upstate New York, where he has been the long-distance coach for the track team. Finally, Chuck Spalding, Andrea Shepherd, Leif Kirshenbaum, Daryl Frame, Jean van Hoff, Johannes van Hoff, and Gary Truce picked up controls.

Fiona Gersh won the white course in 31:43. Threesomes came in second and third, with Andrew, Kelvin, and Holly finishing in 38:26 and Clinton, Sharon, and Judy finishing in 50:28. On Yellow, Andrew Gersh completed the one-two punch for the Gersh family with a winning time of 34:42. Ed Collins and Susan Ryan finished in second and third place, respectively.

Louise Madrid at Coyote Hills in 2000

Penny DeMoss appears to have had an errorless run over the 5.6 kilometer Orange course. She finished over 8 minutes ahead of everyone else in a winning time of 42:41. Gary Kraght was in second with a time of 51:06, and Brad Zuchero and George Minarik tied for third with the same times of 54:08. Mark Prior snuck in a run after his duties organizing the orienteering leg of the Red Tail Adventure Race at Briones Park. He bettered his second place finish of last year with a winning time of 55:42 over the 8.4 kilometer Long Orange course. Martin Kunz finished a close second in 56:57, and Tapio Karras finished in third with a time of 68:32. Liv Klemetsaune finished first among the women in a very good time of 69:55.

The attendance was about two-thirds of the normal attendance at the Golden Gate Park event, most likely because of being held on a Saturday this year. The breakdown of entries for the various classes are as follows: White - 16 entries, Yellow - 28 entries, Orange - 34 entries, and Long Orange - 19 entries.


  Pl  Name                                    Time

White Course     (2.5 km, 10 controls)

   1  Fiona Gersh                             31:43
   2  Andrew & Kelvin Leung, Holly Lam        38:26
   3  Clinton Jang, Sharon Cheng, Judy Vuong  50:28
   4  Jim Carroll                             52:39
   5  Josh & Sheila Adams                     53:25
   6  Linda Grimes, Anna Kennedy              53:37
   7  Diane Hall, Suellen & Isabel Haggerty   54:55
   8  Naho Yoshida, Marcel Good               56:06
   9  DaMarlynn & Linda Wright                59:05
  10  Jacqueline Haggerty, Janki Sheth        61:18
  11  Robert, Elsa, Claudia, & Monique
        Carvalho                              66:08
  12  Snow, William, Shane, & Chance Ford     76:27
  13  Joe Schmidt                             78:39
  14  Linda Zittel, Sasha Chordas            112:11

      Jennifer Mar                             DNF
      Rory & Jamie MacLean                     DNF

Yellow Course    (3.0 km, 11 controls)

   1  Andrew Gersh                            34:42
   2  Ed Collins                              38:04
   3  Susan Ryan                              42:21
   4  Susann Novalis                          45:59
   5  Yerneni family                          60:51
   6  Susan Paul                              63:12
   7  Hermann Wackler                         66:19
   8  George & Pat Aster                      70:47
   9  Dinesh Moorjani                         71:50
  10  Kristi Burton, Amber Bradley            73:41
  11  Jean van Hoff, Gary Truce (pre-runners) 75:00
  12  Jessica Sheldon, Michael Hickey         82:15
  13  Amy & Jim Chapman                       82:40
  14  Matt & Tak Hirai                        92:38
  15  Ken & Halina Repp                       95:08
  16  Ben Friedlander                         97:52
  17  Doug Wilson, Cathie Feiler             100:11
  18  Sue Rosenof, Peter Thelin              102:11
  19  Scott Walker, Brandy Rose              105:39
  20  Brad & Lisa Melton                     112:03
  21  Peter Shaw, Sam Chordas, Adam Zittel   171:04

      Andrea Shepherd                          DNF
      Robin Pomerance                          DNF
      Tish Souza, Sue Mace                     DNF
      Jukka Karras                             DNF
      Emily & Jay Hann                         DNF
      Eric Burris                              DNF

  Second Course

      Diane Hall, Jacqueline Haggerty,
        Janki Sheth                           86:54

Orange Course    (5.6 km, 14 controls)

   1  Penny DeMoss                            42:41
   2  Gary Kraght                             51:06
   3  Brad Zuchero                            54:08
   3  George Minarik                          54:08
   5  Evan Custer                             57:58
   6  Reed Moulds                             65:57
   7  John Brown                              68:08
   8  Leslie Minarik                          68:35
   9  Daryl Frame                             71:05
  10  Bruce Cannon, Karen Peterson            74:06
  11  Gabrielle Jamison, Eddie Johnston,
        Kevan Corbett                         81:57
  12  Tom, David, & Sandra Kendall            88:35
  13  Alan Houser                             88:48
  14  Rosemary Johnson                        88:53
  15  Kevin Harrington, Denise Ebright,
        Tim, Jake, & Davis Cecchin            89:33
  16  William Dvorak                          91:35
  17  Hongche Liu                            105:26
  18  Rajesh Kulkarni                        105:42
  19  Don Gee                                106:31
  20  Scott & Nancy Shaw                     108:36
  21  Jeff Levin, Patrick Lane               108:53
  22  Chris Hann                             109:59
  23  Nate Hirai, Lisa Childers              111:31
  24  Nancy Lindeman                         112:26
  25  Judy Koehler                           113:11
  26  Peter Williams, Elaine Ireland         123:00
  27  Scott Hann, Anita King                 132:41
  28  Liz Johns, Elias Morales               132:45
  29  Yishuen Chin, Merilyn Umboh,
        Peklui Cheng, Anny Lee               136:46
  30  Katherine & Peter Pulido               140:49
  31  Nancy Flagg, Lucy Bunch                146:40

      Brad Jacobs                              DNF
      Don & Debbie Billings                    DNF

  Second Course

      Joe Schmidt                            155:53

Long Orange Course   (8.4 km, 23 controls)

   1  Mark Prior                              55:42
   2  Martin Kunz                             56:57
   3  Tapio Karras                            68:32
   4  Derek MacLean                           69:10
   5  Liv Klemetsaune                         69:55
   6  Steve Haas                              73:41
   7  Chuck Spalding                          74:16
   8  Rod Jaehn                               76:32
   9  Eric Rosenzweig                         79:29
  10  Ian Tidswell                            82:22
  11  Brian Hart                              85:02
  12  Thiago Ghilardi (pre-runner)            86:15
  13  Tomer Maymon                            87:47
  14  Phillip Hoare, Mary Anne Pedroni       105:58
  15  Michael & Max Behrens                  106:58
  16  Jim Fish                               154:08
  17  Vic Revenko                            173:17
  18  Ruth Cooper, Ellen Stefaniak           184:35

  Second Course

      Susann Novalis                           DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)