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Spring Lake

Date: Sunday, March 14, 2004
Location: Santa Rosa, CA.
Event Director: - (415) 456-8118
Type: C;"Come and Try It" event: White & Yellow courses
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Writeup by Scott Aster

A beautiful day greeted about 180 particiapants to our semi-annual meet at Spring Lake County Park this last Sunday (March 14). The bright sunshine, green grass, minimal poison oak, and proximity to St. Patrick's Day, all conspired to make this a great event.

A large number of juniors came out, including Boy Scouts, Home School association members, and about 50 Junior ROTC cadets from San Francisco. We also had a sprinkling of "regular" club members, most of whom seemed intrigued by the "Irish-O" course I set.

Max and Victoria at the Emerald Hills Street-O in 2003, after answering the question "How many skunks on the fence?"

While most participants tried the standard White & Yellow courses, 19 daring souls took on my attempt of setting a course in the unpredictable spirit of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day Holiday. To create a fun challenge, I set a course that ran all over the park, with controls set at (what would normally be) yellow and orange technical levels. This was not a normal course however. With the wonderful ability of OCAD, I removed all trails, roads, and parking lots from the map, forcing participants to not only use other means of navigation, but to try not to be confused by the all the unmapped trails etc. I also made this course a "Phantom-O", meaning that while there were 15 controls showing on everyone's map, only 10 controls were actually set. This forced people to be very confident about their navigation and to be willing to move on quickly when they got to a control location, and there was no bag to be seen.

Coments from finishers on this course varied from "Great", "Fun", "Challenging", to "Sadistic", "Twisted", and "Cruel to older runners" (actual quotes). I tripped up several participants by making consecutive contols "Phantom" controls. A couple finishers couldn't believe I would be that mean, but I blame it all on the Leprechauns who made me do it!

Rex O'Winterbottom managed to win the Irish-O course, and thus won the $50 gift certificate. Good job laddie!

Joe Scarborough checks his escape route on the Green course at Mt. Pinos, June 2001 (Photo: Joel Thompson, LAOC)

I wish to thank all the great people who stepped in and helped me make this event a success. Judy Koehler publicised the event heavily and gave instructional clinics and helped pick up controls. Gary Kraght worked a variety of jobs all day long, including control pickup at the end. Greg Logan was a very cheerful aid at the start area, along with Dick and Bette Koehler, and first timer Dave Knox, who not only placed an impressive 3rd on the Yellow course, but then stuck around and helped us at the start line! Bob Cooley printed out the maps and created the Irish-O map. George & Pat Aster worked registration all day long. Nina Wyatt-Mair helped at the finish line. Joan Roos gave clinics, and Martin Taylor helped with setup and starts.

We'll be back at Spring Lake in the fall for National Orienteering Day. Be prepared for more "alternative" courses!

Results: Some names were hard to figure out the spelling from the entry forms. JROTC teams competed on Yellow and one Irish group. They came from Washington, Lowell, and Galileo High Schools in San Francisco. Thanks for coming out!

Spring Lake County Park
Santa Rosa, CA
Sunday, March 14, 2004


  Pl  Name                                          Time

White Course     (2.8 km, 35 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Gary & Erika Smith                            50:19
   2  Seamus & Neil Guerin                          52:20
   3  Len, Michael, & Kevin Pedrazzini              54:12
   4  Sonia Nuss                                    56:47
   5  Clinton Jang, Sabrina Jang, Andrew Leung,
        Sharon Cheng, Holly Lam, Judy Vuong         61:02
   6  April, Michael, & Nicole Querica              65:17
   7  Richard & Duncan Hatch                        65:17
   8  Ann & Steve Adams                             65:17
   9  Dan, Kyle, & Krystram Heien                   67:28
  10  Rich & Dylan Geasland                         67:28
  11  Clay, Chas, & Gus Christiansen                67:28
  12  Terry, Lanette, Camille, Adrienne, Mia, &
        Julian                                      68:35
  13  Jayne & Joshua Kluger                         77:46
  14  Becky Montrose                                78:31
  15  Carolyn & Zachery Radocaj, Melissa & Connor
        Farley                                      80:37
  16  Robin & Harrison Kauth                        81:51
  17  Juliette, Alexis, & Miranda Pokorny          115:17

Yellow Course    (4.0 km, 115 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  David Cervone                                 52:51
   2  Adam Citarella                                60:30
   3  Dave Knox                                     70:12
   4  Tom & Joe Soares, John Ludwig                 70:53
   5  Marcella & Ingrid Canelo                      73:13
   6  Martin Taylor                                 76:43
   7  Laura & Terry White                           77:19
   8  Roberto Chavez, Kolby Trannell,
        Paul Markovich, Rodrigo Flores              78:05
   9  Paul McNiel, Ranelle Calub, Raymond Chan,
        Daniel Chin                                 78:08
  10  Rich Turner, Jill Thompson                    81:40
  11  Jim Fish                                      84:54
  12  Darren & Lotta Black                          88:14
  13  Ashley Lake, Michael Trevino,
        Dakota Blackwelder                          88:45
  14  Tom Dakan, Johannes Druehl                    88:48
  15  Nina Wyatt-Mair                               91:00
  16  Warren Ng, Carl Lee, Nettie More,
        Jeanette Li, Benton Yee                     93:00
  17  Susan Lehr, Mark Milberg, Gregory & Karle     93:04
  18  Chris & Phil Moehrke, Steve & Kevin Yum       95:17
  19  Charles Lee, Justin Ha, Gloria Ng,
        Kimberly Bui                                96:05
  20  Mory, Armro, Sonny, Denise, Camille           98:00
  21  Jennifer Pang, Diana Tobar, Kim Tran,
        Jeffrey Wong                                99:19
  22  Martin & Lisa McKeacy                        100:02
  23  Paul Hernandez, Nicholas Ng, Daniel Lee      101:01
  24  Terry & Barbara Dill                         103:02
  25  Richard W., Jason B., Peter C., Hernadi B.   103:20
  26  Emily & David Sims                           104:29
  27  Karen Li, Jannie Li, Malanie Ngo,
        Pim Yungungksuk                            108:37
  28  Ken & Shane Wallace                          112:09
  29  Lee & Adam Van Dekerchove                    113:35
  30  Stephanie Stewart, Andy Zhu, Marshawn Egu    114:25
  31  James McLaughlin, Don Dakan, Alika Gacusana  123:16
  32  Sonza & Bob Van Herick                       127:08
  33  Mark, Anna, Leslie, & Lucas Irwin            127:37
  34  George & Terri Warren                        131:41
  35  Carl & Gavin Williams                        133:06
  36  Andrew & Paul Yen                            134:17
  37  Simone Wilson, Creighten & Colton Bell       135:20
  38  Manuel Ferman, Kevin Wong, Richard Sim       138:49
  39  Ben Ford, Judy May, Tim Carrey,
        Leah Christopher                           146:51

      Alexander Ankrom, Raymond Ng, Rubi Sanchez,
        Tom Huang                                    DNF
      Kelii Bibar, Kurt Saechao, Dyrelena Adams,
        Jarij Nhouv, Alex Mendoza                    DNF

Irish Course     (4.1 km, 135 m climb, 10 of 15 controls)

   1  Rex Winterbottom                              60:19
   2  Malcom Wyatt-Mair                             63:30
   3  Matt Strother                                 73:23
   4  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                              88:15
   5  William Gilmore                               91:01
   6  Terry Ward, Andrew Polik                      91:53
   7  Bjorn Widerstrom                              98:49
   8  Dwight Freund                                104:43
   9  Terry Szucsko                                109:31
  10  Trinka Gillis                                118:28
  11  Arwen Wyatt-Mair                             148:17
  12  Kelsey Wyatt-Mair                            150:18

      Leif Lundquist                                 DNF  #9
      Bobby Poon                                     DNF  #14
      Neil Peterson                                  DNF  #13
      Daniel Le, Douglas Ballard (Lowell H.S. JROTC) DNF  #13,14,15
      Jim Fish                                       DNF  #2,3,13


DNF = Did not finish (one or more controls missed)