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June 8, 2003
by Mark Blair, meet director

Below are the results. Also be sure to check out the e-punch splits for the advanced courses.

As cars full of orienteers wound their way along the narrow, curvy road toward Morgan Territory Regional Preserve on the morning of June 8, the fog enveloping them got thicker and thicker. Assuming they survived the journey at all, occupants of those cars were probably starting to wonder if they'd be able to see even 10 meters through the murk as they set foot into the oak and madrone wilderness to look for little orange and white markers. But about half a mile before the park entrance, each car suddenly popped out of the fog bank into total clarity and sunshine, a pleasant little miracle (all arranged by event organizers, of course).

All told, some 286 participants ran or walked 181 orienteering courses that day, making this the most well-attended event of any kind (I believe) ever held by BAOC at Morgan Territory in the club's 21 years of events at this park. While this was a wonderful thing on the one hand, the overwhelming attendance did lead to a few problems. The most regrettable of these was that the parking lot overflowed, forcing a number of participants to park along the very narrow addjacent section of Morgan Territory Road and forcing an even more unfortunate few to turn back altogether and go home. We exhausted our stockpiles of Brown and Long Orange course maps. While we succeeded somewhat in replenishing these maps with additional maps printed on the spot, the printer's power source eventually broke. This forced several participants who had registered on the Brown and Long Orange courses to run the regular Orange course instead. Our apologies go to these folks and especially to those other folks who "bounced off" the swollen parking lot and turned back, not to mention the non-orienteers who showed up that morning only to be confronted by the chaos.

But everyone who did manage to run or walk one of the 8 courses seemed to have an enjoyable time, judging from the unusual amount of positive feedback we received. Honors go to Dwight Freund, who designed all the courses.

On the White Course, the dual Kristinas (Kristina Crichton and Christina Quon) left everyone else in the dust, finishing more than 10 minutes ahead of the team that placed second. But that team of 5 people, Kelly Tsudama and friends, went around the course in 38 minutes, which is an excellent time for a group that size. Two couples blitzed the Yellow course: Steph Kane and John Neill followed closely by Richard Prest and Heather Sutherland. Steph and John punched 13 controls over about 4 km running distance in 36 minutes, which is quite a good clip.

The Orange course was won by David and Dawn Ferriera, who apparently needed only 43 minutes to get through a course that included 175 meters of uphill climb and a control toward the very end that was surrounded by some tricky forest near the top of a sizable hill. I suspect these two folks were experienced Adventure racers who were among those who were forced to run the Orange course instead of the Long Orange course. The very fit Irina Zaks, daughter of longtime BAOC members Oleg and Galena Shakhnovsky, was nipping at the heels of David and Dawn with a second place finish time of 46 minutes.

The Long Orange course was the third in BAOC's series of courses designed in collaboration with the Big Blue Adventure Race organization to provide training for the orienteering aspects of Adventure racing (although anyone at all was eligible to run the course). Like the regular Orange course, this course requires an intermediate level of navigation skills. Unlike the Orange course, it requires a level of physical exertion generally equivalent to the middle distance advanced courses. Oliver Pohl won the Long Orange course in just more than an hour, which is quite a feat. Quite a number of our middle distance advanced course runners would be hard pressed to make it through this course in that little time. Molly Cooper and longtime Orange course runner Marie-Josee Parayre finished about 10 minutes later to grab second place. Only two minutes behind, though, were Andy Polik and Terry Ward in third place. Were these guys seasoned Adventure racers getting in some practice?

Among advanced course runners in BAOC these days, the Brown course seems to be getting ever more popular. Superbly athletic veteran BAOCer Penny DeMoss zipped through this one at a speed of exactly 10 minutes per kilometer, widely regarded as a benchmark speed among accomplished advanced course runners. Penny easily took first place, with Joe Scarborough and Brad Wetmore finishing second and third. On the Green course, which had the same high participation level as the Brown course, Doug Stein was neck and neck with Hannu Haarma, who is about twice

Doug's age. They both finished with spectacuar times, Doug in first place at 47 minutes and Hannu in second place only 2 minutes behind. Taking into account his age category, Hannu is almost certainly the most fit member of the entire club. The third leg of the Green Course was apparently a disaster for several of BAOC's finest advanced competitors. Could the map be a little weird in this area? Tapio Karras and Dan Greene finished first and second on the Red course. Max Suter, currently living in the Tucson area and originally from Switzerland, finished fourth. Vladimir Gusiatnikov and Syd Reader came in first and second on the Blue course. This course was a full 2.0 km longer and 100 m more climb- ridden than the Red course, but Vlad completed it in a time only 4 minutes longer than the winning time on the Red course. Syd, who was reputed to be having a bad day, was nevertheless only 8 minutes behind Vlad.

The Adventure racing crowd seems to be a growing contingent within BAOC, judging from the increasing level of participation on the Long Orange course and the number of pre-event enquiries from Adventure racers we've experienced lately. Hopefully we'll see this trend continue.

The depth of dedication and volunteer spirit in BAOC far exceeds that of any other comparable-sized volunteer organization I know. Finding sufficient volunteers for this event was almost effortless. Many thanks to all those who contributed; we truly needed every minute of your help. Vivian Lee, Rosemary Johnson, and Ev and Jean Beuerman covered the Registration table, which remained open later than ususal until 1:00 P.M. to accommodate the unexpected hordes of participants. Nancy Lindeman handled Starts on the White, Yellow, Orange, and Long Orange courses. Cheryl Madson ran the Advanced course Starts. Thanks to Irina Zaks for taking over late Starts on an emergency basis. Marsha Jacobs and, again, Ev and Jean Beuerman, helped with the Finish and computation of results for the White, Yellow, Orange, and Long Orange courses. Dan Greene explained orienteering to the masses in his Beginners' Clinics. Ian Tidswell and Steve Gregg did the same for Adventure racers in their Intermediate Skills Clinics. The intensive job of electronic punch registration and results processing was efficiently handled by the club's two foremost experts in that area, Robert Lewis and Jeff Lanam. Harold and Penny DeMoss, Steve Haas, and Matthias Kohler retrieved almost all the control markers and stands. Bob Cooley vetted (checked) the Orange and Long Orange courses before the event. Francois Leonard and Marie-Josee Parayre helped me vet the Advanced courses. Bob also printed all the maps for the event, which included running his printer in the parking lot to produce additional maps on the day of the event.

Finally, I'd like to express my special appreciation for the efforts of Dwight Freund, who not only set all 8 courses for the event, but who also helped all day long on the day of the event with the Finish, results processing, and with retrieval of some of the most remote control markers on the courses.

Next year we'll have more parking space and more maps. We promise.


  Pl  Name                                             Time

White Course      (2.45 km, 95 m climb, 9 controls)

   1  Kristina Crichton, Christina Quon                28:13
   2  J To, K Tsudama, A Mui, K Nishikawa, M Lum       38:28
   3  Heather Dal Cielo, Willem Dirven                 43:19
   4  Rick Garcia, Sara Shafiabady                     43:56
   5  Michael & Trinh Beer                             47:46
   6  Kurt & Steven Flammer                            50:51
   7  Kathie & Lauren Doty, Justin & Austin Hugo       53:33
   8  Maja Gray                                        60:23
   9  Trent, Juliet, Chloe & Never Retallack           62:39
  10  Scott Hughes, Mandy & Emma Hutner                63:04
  11  Jeff & Amy Vanderlip                             63:57
  12  Jeff, Arden, Kelly, Charlotte                    70:06
  13  Art, Angela, Arthur & Theo Jury                  71:10
  14  Jeff, Janine, Chelsea, Vesna, Lydia              72:00
  15  Lauren Wemmer, Kiki Weber                        81:25
  16  Roxanne & Mason White                            90:45

      Gregory & David Harris                            DNF
      Kate Picher, Maris Kanouff                        DNF
      Rob Rynard                                        DNF
      Susan Dickinson                                   ???  (see note)
      Jessica Nguyen, G Larot                           ???  (see note)

Yellow Course     (3.15 km, 120 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Steph Kane, John Neill                           36:19
   2  Richard Prest, Heather Sutherland                39:26
   3  Bill & Anna Strauss                              48:55
   4  Karen Cook                                       58:32
   5  Cristen Lunt, Toby O'Brien                       61:32
   6  Jennifer Lautz, Brad & Nicholas Hightdudis       67:46
   7  Stephanie, Jackie & Frank Perez                  72:58
   8  Julia Zaks, Caitlin Hoeber                       75:19
   9  Anne Gorby                                       77:07
  10  Julie Neumann, Monica Phelan                     78:24
  11  Connie Serrer                                    80:35
  12  George & Terri Warren                            82:00
  13  Nancy & Sally Smith                              85:01
  14  Robin Pomerance, Chris Bragg                     86:03
  15  Galena Shakhnovsky                               91:07
  16  Natalio Mingo, Winnie Ling                       91:30
  17  L Heng, S Smith, W Nguyen, A Brinkman, Y Filali  92:36
  18  Becky Wong                                       95:51
  19  Di Liu                                          104:02
  20  Peter & Julie Devincenzi, Linda Turkatte        149:20

      Jim Fish                                          DNF
      Maria Hastings                                    DNF
      Joanne & Robin Leadbetter, Audrey Davis           DNF
      Paul, Jill & Megan McCandless                     DNF
      Dan, Kathryn, Keith & Jennifer Veditz             DNF
      Bevan Waite                                       DNF
      Terry Pratt                                       ???  (see note)

  Second Course

      Rick Garcia, Sara Shafiabady                     68:58
      Mike & Trinh Beer                                69:35

Orange Course     (3.65 km, 175 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  David & Dawn Ferriera                            43:08
   2  Irina Zaks                                       46:11
   3  Marsha Jacobs                                    58:21
   4  Vasya Volkov                                     62:34
   5  Terry & Alex Englehart                           72:36
   6  Michael Locke                                    76:41
   7  Robert Janowski                                  78:12
   8  Jonathan, Kathie & Maggie Harris                 78:21
   9  Carl Reisinger                                   80:12
  10  Ed Carpentier                                    83:40
  11  Linda Koziol, Web Jordan                         88:00
  12  Mike Christensen, Kathy Tegtmeier                89:30
  13  Tyler & Tory Shifman, Eric Marshall              90:23
  14  Peter Barberi                                    94:17
  15  Jeff, Janeen & Rick Swan                         94:29
  16  Michelle Dick, Hee So, Venkatesh Janakiraman     94:32
  17  Cheryl Madson                                    98:25
  18  M Chong, L Fong, G Gerber, D Romoser, B Shifman  99:28
  19  Jill Custer                                     105:30
  20  Alex & Jeff Gould, Andrea Sefler                106:42
  21  John Pagendarm                                  107:21
  22  Ron Soutner, Darin Danforth                     116:18
  23  Renato Lim                                      126:43

      Audrie Faist                                      DNF
      Chelsea Waite                                     DNF
      Gail & Brett Hahn                                 ???  (see note)
      Reid Townsend, Scott Jung, Michelle Anderson      ???  (see note)

  Second Course

      Sally & Nancy Smith                             123:10

Long Orange Course   (5.55 km, 250 m climb, 17 controls)

   1  Oliver Pohl                                      61:58
   2  Molly Cooper, Marie-Josee Parayre                72:20
   3  Andy Polik, Terry Ward                           74:41
   4  Mark Irwin                                       88:49
   5  Ann Hall                                        100:26
   6  Megan Bergkessel, Brandi Page                   102:40
   7  Amelia Lasser, Jasper Jackson, Ryan Vaughan     107:22
   8  Karen Midkiff, Eric Baird                       112:10
   9  Cary Sunshine                                   126:11
  10  Larry Pagendarm                                 152:00
  11  Ken Lieu, Chad Low, Rick Huey, Sandra Yu        183:56

      Jonika Lagerkvist, Raymond Cortez                 DNF
      Kevin & Lisa Haugh, Phil Seabrease                DNF
      Chris Dittmore, Matt Swinnerton, Ken Mozek        ???  (see note)

  Second Course

      Steph Kane, John Neill                          135:42

Advanced Results

  Pl  Name                           Time

Brown Course   (3.700 km, 170 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Penny DeMoss                   37:01
   2  Joe Scarborough                48:54
   3  Brad Wetmore                   51:07
   4  Bjorn Widerstrom               52:18
   5  Gary Kraght                    53:58
   6  Patty Clemo                    57:27
   7  Harold DeMoss                  57:51
   8  Alan Glendinning             1:00:04
   9  Joan Roos                    1:06:24
  10  Beth Dixon                   1:09:00
  11  Daniel Johansson             1:13:04
  12  Oleg Shakhnovsky             1:17:11
  13  Jennifer Kerr (GCO)          1:19:17
  14  Meg Gerstner                 1:29:40
  15  Chris Murray                 1:29:49
  16  Trinka Gillis                1:33:30
  17  Tait, Meyers, Switick        1:34:56
  18  Bob Strauss                  1:36:14
  19  Scott Spears                 1:37:42
  20  Laura McKeegan               1:45:54
  21  Chris Delp                   1:49:25
  22  Robert Lewis                 1:52:24
  23  Tom Cronin                   1:57:00
  24  Nancy Lindeman               2:00:01
  25  Barbara Straka               2:19:42

      Dean French                    DNF
      Frazier Stevenson              DNF
      Daly & Rose                    DNF
      Leslie Minarik                 DNF

Green Course   (4.600 km, 250 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Doug Stein                     47:11
   2  Hannu Haarma                   49:48
   3  Steve Haas                   1:02:51
   4  Bob Cooley                   1:08:23
   5  George Minarik               1:11:35
   6  Johan Overby                 1:16:26
   7  Vicki Woolworth              1:16:31
   8  Ward & Polik                 1:21:43
   9  Yelena Krasnov               1:25:43
  10  Stacy Goss                   1:29:04
  11  Nick Corsano                 1:33:34
  12  Dennis Wildfogel             1:36:03
  13  Gerry Goss                   1:37:08
  14  Theo Verhoeven               1:41:16
  15  Janet Petersen               1:50:43
  16  Tom Wiseman, Beatrix Paal    1:53:01
  17  Chris Roper                  1:53:39
  18  David Ingram                 1:55:44
  19  Johanna Merriss              1:56:05
  20  Jeff Lanam                   1:57:09
  21  Rosemary Johnson             2:04:13
  22  Phillip Hoare                2:09:02
  23  Terry Gleason                2:23:16
  24  Steve Beuerman               2:33:06
  25  William Straka               2:38:56

      Sean Campbell                  DNF
      Dan Holman                     DNF
      Mark Petersen                  DNF

Red Course     (6.400 km, 295 m climb, 15 controls)

   1  Tapio Karras                 1:12:01
   2  Dan Greene                   1:17:56
   3  Alex Krasnov                 1:20:50
   4  Max Suter                    1:21:10
   5  Matthias Kohler              1:24:11
   6  Jim Waite                    1:25:04
   7  Evan Custer                  1:26:05
   8  Ian Tidswell                 1:38:02
   9  Doug Bass                    1:48:25
  10  Bill Wright                  1:51:33
  11  Vivian Lee                   1:52:43
  12  Pete Olsten (GCO)            2:01:53
  13  Peter Ford                   2:16:59
  14  Jay Hann                     2:48:09

      Matt Holman                    DNF
      Phanlun                        DNF
      Dana Porrat                    DNF

Blue Course    (8.400 km, 395 m climb, 23 controls)

   1  Vladimir Gusiatnikov         1:16:09
   2  Syd Reader                   1:24:56
   3  Francois Leonard             1:29:06
   4  Steve Gregg                  1:37:52
   5  Andrejus Masalkovas          1:39:23
   6  Rex Winterbottom             1:44:43
   7  Van Boughner                 1:48:27
   8  Nik Weber                    2:01:03
   9  Peter Graube                 2:04:55
  10  Eric Rosenzwerg              2:05:24
  11  Joel Swisher                 2:14:48
  12  Travis Parker                2:19:26

      Jamaica Lambie                 MSP
      Gavin Wyatt-Mair               DNF


Note:  "???" indicates that the event staff lost the finish
       time, for which profuse apologies are offered.

DNF = Did not finish
MSP = Mispunched
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