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1997 BAOC Club Rankings

Joe Scarborough, BAOC technical director, compiled the 1997 BAOC club standings. E-mail him with comments, corrections, and suggestions.


The 1997 Club Ranking Events (CRE) were the eight meets (nine days) where the maps and other factors met B standards: Indian Valley, Calero, China Camp, Joe Grant, Nisene Marks, Monte Bello, Annadel (2), and Sunol.

Four events are required to score (three for Brown), but a credit day is allowed if needed for course-setting or in the event of voided course. Four of the best five, 5/6, 5/7, 6/8, and 6/9 are averaged for the annual score.

The scores are based on the USOF ranking system, with some minor modifications. The formula calls for points to be awarded by comparing the runner's time with the average of the fastest three on the course. Then a competition factor is applied, which consists of the average ranking points (normalized to a top score of 100) from last year of the top three ranked runners who usually run the course.


Lans Taylor, third last year and second in the mid-year quarterly standings, takes the top spot for 1997. James Scarborough, last year's leader, got in three runs to extend his ranking event winning streak to 15 but missed several meets due to travel and school requirements. Also missing are last year's number two, Per Magnusson, and four, Jorg Hofer, who have left the area. Neeme Loorits makes his first appearance on the list coming on strong at the end of the year to defeat Lans at Annadel. Kent Ohlund moved ahead of Thorsten as did newcomers to the list, Syd Reader and the fast improving Michihiro Kamijima. Both had good scores finishing second and third behind James at the final event at Sunol.


Kent Ohlund managed to repeat as the Red champion despite steady improvement by Tapio Karras over the year. Kent was winner in three of his four outings on Red, most impressively at Indian Valley where he racked up 104.9 points. Tapio came up with a breakthrough run of 105.8 points at Annadel, ahead of Kent, and lodging the highest of any Red score this year. Next on the list are Gary Carpenter and Werner Haag. Gary's best score was at Montebello where he was a close second to Tapio and Werner's came at Joe Grant. Doug Stein and Steve Jankowski, who made their debut on the mid-year list, continued to up their scores to earn spots in the top half of the list.


There is no change from the mid-year list in the top three. I had no really outstanding runs but did manage five scores in the 86-88 point range while George Minarik started the year with 93.7 at Indian Valley and 96.5 at China Camp before tapering into the 70 point range. Dennis Wildfogel had his best score day 2 at Annadel, 85.0, well ahead of all BAOCers except Eric Ohlund and Gary Carpenter. Eric scorched two Green runs at Annadel scoring 110.4 and 112.0 while Gary had 86.5 and 88.8, their only Green runs of the year. Missing from last year are Steve Smith, also with his only two Green runs at Annadel, and Evan Custer, who was kept off the list by his workhorse course setting and meet directing as well as injury. Among the women, Stephanie Maclean and Patty Clemo moved ahead of last year's top performer Janet Petersen. Stephanie's best score, 69.2, came at Montebello where she finished in 5th place. Patty made the list by running the last four scoring events topped by her 55.1 points at Sunol.  Ailene Abernathy was the third woman on Green with a top score of 59.4 at Sunol.


Sarah Minarik, well on her way to becoming the top woman in the club, had three very good runs on the Brown course. She scored 104.1 and a stellar 126.7 her two days at Annadel. Gary Kraght, coming off injuries, made Brown his course for the year. His top score, 111.3 came at Calero. Ailene moved into third from eighth last year. Brown has by far the fewest repeat runners of any course. For that reason I have scored runners with only three events while all other courses required four scores during the year.

1997 BAOC Club Rankings

     BLUE                                RED
    1 Taylor, Lans       83.0           1 Ohlund, Kent      99.1
    2 Loorits, Neeme     75.7           2 Karras, Tapio     96.7
    3 Ohlund, Kent       69.1           3 Carpenter, Gary   89.4
    4 Reader Syd         68.9           4 Haag, Werner      83.0
    5 Kamijima, Michihiro 67.6          5 Greene, Dan       80.1
    6 Graeve, Thorsten   67.1           6 Stein, Douglas    78.9
    7 Gregg, Steve       66.4           7 Jankowski, Steve  77.8
    8 Maclean, Derek     64.1           8 Bassett, Bruce    75.7
    9 DeMoss, Penny      57.2           9 Boughner, Van     75.5
   10 Smith, Steve       53.3          10 Glendinning, Alan 68.8
   11 Wyatt-Mair, Gavin  51.7          11 Cooley, Bob       68.3
                                       12 Blair, Mark       66.5
      Three Scores                     13 Josh Fredericks   66.3
      Scarborough, James 94.5          14 Papendick, William 64.8
      Laavainen, Mikko   76.8          15 Graube, Peter     64.4
      Gary Carpenter     62.8          16 Aster, Scott      54.8
                                       17 Wright, Hugh      51.3
    1 Scarborough, Joe   86.3             Three Scores
    2 Minarik, George    82.2             Graeve, Thorsten  95.6
    3 Wildfogel, Dennis  79.9             Gregg, Steve      86.8
    4 Jankowski, Steve   79.7             Wyatt-Mair, Gavin 50.1
    5 Kopish, Manfred    69.9
    6 Poulsen, Michael   68.9             BROWN
    7 Maclean, Stephanie 62.5           1 Minarik, Sarah   107.3
    8 Lainema, Matti     62.4           2 Kraght, Gary     102.1
    9 Fleishman, Mike    62.2           3 Abernathy, Aileen 68.3
   10 Wells, Kelly       62.0           4 Lee, Jascha       56.2
   11 DeMoss, Harold     58.1           5 Lanam, Jeff       51.0
   12 Goss, Jerry        53.2           6 Minarik, Leslie   43.2
   13 Schakhnovsky, Ole  51.4           7 Lindeman, Nancy   38.6
   14 Clemo, Patty       50.5           8 Madsen, Cheryl    37.5
   15 Abernathy, Aileen  49.6
   16 Petersen, Janet    49.4             Two Scores
   17 Lewis, Robert      49.0             Krasnova, Elena   90.5
   18 Robinson, Stacy    43.1             Aster, Scott      80.5
   19 Ravenko, Vic       41.9             Corsano, Nick     64.6
   20 Beuerman, Steve    39.1             Barr, David       62.3
   21 Hoare, Philip      38.0             Jacobs, Marsha    62.1
                                          DeMarothy, Maroth 55.7
      Three Scores                        Lennon, Kathleen  45.8
      Haag, Werner       86.7             Robinson, Stacy   42.4
      Pinkham, Tony      68.9             Lewis, Robert     35.7
      Gross, Ron         65.1
      Petersen, Mark     56.8
      Moretto, Paulo     52.9
      O'Keefe, Steeve    47.8
      Wright, Hugh       46.3
      Lindeman, Nancy    28.4

1997 Yellow and Orange Course Rankings

Yellow Points Events
Hillary Wolfe 103.2 3
Adam Bernstein 88.9 2
Judy Koehler 79.0 5
Julie Wells 76.1 3
Jill Custer 56.5 2
Adam Smith 133.9 4
Mike Condrin 88.5 2
Mike Maughmer 74.2 2
Michael Young 77.0 2
Charles Brenner 71.3 2
Don Gee 65.3 3
Larry Breed 65.3 2

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