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BAOC is committed to helping the best orienteers in our club achieve elite status. As orienteering is still a fringe sport in this country, it is almost necessary to travel outside of the US to get elite-level coaching and run regularly on elite-level terrain. The Senior Training Grant Program was established to help our most serious and talented competitors fund such training activities. Up to $2000 is available each year, which will be allocated among the applicants as the grant committee sees fit.

Who Is Eligible?

You are eligible to apply if:

  • You are a member in good standing (individual or family) of BAOC, and you represent BAOC in national and/or international competitions.
  • You are a regular competitor on the standard competitive course for M21 or F21 (usually Blue for men and Red for women)
  • You are at or near US team level, or you have the potential to reach that level in the future.

What Activities Count?

The focus is on training. We are looking for ways to help our top orienteers develop their skills and learn from experts. Examples are training with a club in Scandinavia, or attending the O-Ringen clinics in Sweden. Applications that merely request funding to attend competitions will not be considered. A training program with a competition component may be approved and funded, however.

How to Apply

Print the application form, fill it out, and send it in.
(Note: The form is a PDF file, which can be viewed and printed with the free Acrobat Reader. The form is also printed in the Jan-Feb 2002 issue of the BAOC Bulletin.)

You can attach extra pages, or even make your own form on your computer, as long as you provide all the information on the official form, including the "I agree" paragraph and signatures.

Important Dates

First priority will be given to applications received by April 1, 2003, but we will accept later applications if funds are still available. A committee of BAOC members will make the selections by early May. After we receive your application, we may call you to ask follow-up questions or arrange an interview if we need more information.


Contact Steve Gregg at or 510-531-6697.

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