Minutes of September 1998 BAOC Meeting

by Louise Madrid, acting secretary

PRESENT: Evan Custer, Jean Beuerman, Ev Beuerman, Mark Blair, Nancy
Lindeman, Scott Aster, Louise Madrid, Marsha Jacobs, Thorsten Graeve, Aileen
Abernathy, Tony Pinkham, Steve Beuerman, Nick Corsano, Gary Kraght, Stacy
Goss, George Minarik, Derek Maclean, Stephanie Maclean, Bob Cooley, Tapio

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 at the Hartley Conference Room at
Stanford University.  The minutes of the June 1, 1998 board meeting was
approved as published in the July issue of the bulletin.

Brenda Giese resigned her position as Secretary due to other commitments.
Evan proposed the appointment of Meg Gerstner as Secretary. There was a
motion to accept the appointment.  The motion was approved unanimously.

Congratulations to Bob Cooley and Rick Oliver for their gold medals at the
US Championships in Washington.  Congratulations also to Penny DeMoss for
her Night-O- Championships, although it came at a high price. Penny tore her
Achilles tendon and will be recovering over the next 9 months.

Harold DeMoss is the meet director of the Bon Tempe meet and we will have
the map completed by the time of the meet.  The Spring Lake map is on OCAD
now, so we can now generate preprinted maps for Spring Lake meets.  We had
hoped to have the Shell Ridge map done before the November event  but it
looks doubtful.  However we will have it before the end of the year.

Summer events in 1999 in the western states to be aware of are: the Pacific
Northwest Festival on July 21-25 in the Cascades (Cle Elum), LAOC A-meet on
June 12-13 at Mt. Pinos, and EWOC on Sept 21 in Spokane, Washington.

Evan is conducting a course setting workshop  in Santa Clara.  Evan is
stepping down as President at the end of the year in order to devote more
time to the upcoming Sierra events.  He hopes that someone is interested in
coming forward.

4. TREASURER'S REPORT - George Minarik
George provided copies of the Budget Summary Report and the Event Income
Recap for 1998.  We are behind in meet income for the year, mostly due to
poor attendance at El Nino meets this winter, and therefore need to watch
expenses.  Expenses are good, in fact, they are below expectation. It
appears that next year we may have to do less mapping to maintain the
budget. Evan asked for an estimate of income for the rest of year.  George
will be doing this at budget time.  George asked for expenses from all
committees and also projections for next year.  Scott Aster pointed out that
the Presidio event was the money maker this year.  If Golden Gate Park
permits were not so expensive, it would be a bigger winner too.

George Kirkov has finished mapping the northeast corner of Briones.  It is
costing more than expected.  Steve Gregg has done some of the western
extension of Briones.  Kirkov is now living in Tahoe and he is fixing the
Spooner Lake map and working on Burton Creek.  The base map for Tamarancho
is being worked on by Scott Aster.  This map covers 5 square miles, is
enough for regular courses, and although the central section is relatively
flat, it gets very steep at the periphery.  Part of the Morgan Territory
base map has been completed.

For the Sierra 2000 Convention, Bob Cooley suggests that we fund a Northstar
map, close to the headquarters. We are going to ask NorthStar if they would
be willing to help with the funding.  It almost connects with the
Burton Creek map.  The map includes high quality terrain with development in
the middle.  Just producing a base map with volunteer field checkers, such
as Bob Cooley and perhaps Rick Oliver, would be a cost effective way to get
this done.  Bob suggests mapping 5 square kilometers, at a cost of
approximately $700.  Evan feels that Northstar should be the major area for
mapping next year and recommends that we proceed with it.  Scott Aster
suggested that we should improve our existing maps instead so we can do
better meets in the Bay Area.  He expressed concern that we will not use the
Northstar map as much as we will use our local territory, such as Spring
Lake or Tamarancho.  Evan stated that it is much harder to do an initial
base map and therefore we should do that instead.  It is not likely that GCO
will fund this since they have several mapping projects in the queue and
Northstar is not high on their list.  They have made it clear that they
won't be funding it.  We could approach an organization in Berkeley that
does team building events there for funding.   It was pointed out that we
also have many base maps looking for field checkers on Skyline, the
peninsula and the east bay. There are many candidates for maps on Skyline,
since Montebello has restrictions for advanced runners.  Bob expressed that
we should not product any more base maps of redwood parks until we have a
better method.  He has personally purchased some new equipment for surveying
and Evan recommends that we purchase this equipment for the club.

Evan Custer, George Minarik and Bob Cooley are on the budget committee.
They plan to meet in the first 3 weeks of October to come up with a
preliminary budget.  Evan suggested that if we want to fund the Northstar
map, we should invest now.  Bob Cooley wants to investigate extensions of
Northstar which could require $1000.  Mike Blair made the motion to map
Northstar.  George Minarik expressed concern about this years budget but
Evan pointed out that this would impact next years budget. It was also
pointed out that the map could be used for midweek events at the Sierra
2000, such as training events, Night-O, etc.  Motion passed unanimously.

A cost analysis was done for our per-member cost.  The areas of cost are:
the bulletin, USOF fees for insurance, and USOF dues.  Ian had suggested at
a previous meeting that we
increase dues, except for low income families.  We need to decide on our
philosophy: do we want membership in the club to pay for itself or do we
subsidize membership to increase participation?  Nick Corsano spoke out
against the increase.  Instead, we should encourage more membership and
renewals.  He also thought that is was bad form to increase fees again
without an existing financial crisis.

Stacy reported that she recently switched printers for the newsletter and
can now print it for  80 cents a copy, which reduces our per-member cost for
the bulletin from  $18.00/year to $8/year.  This will help considerably.

Currently, we have 30 contributing members.  Steve Gregg supported Ian's
idea to increase funds and thinks that $25 per year is nothing.  Aileen
agreed and felt that we value ourselves too cheaply in comparison to other
similar organizations.  Marsha suggested that we check if people who
register as members are in fact members.  Steve mentioned that we are
starting to crack down on that at registration, but don't always catch it.
Gary mentioned that USOF is exploring including USOF membership in all club
memberships.  He thinks its premature, though, and we should wait for the
upcoming USOF decision on this. Evan recommended that we table the
discussion for now but consider more increasing event fees for advanced
courses. There is no change at this time.

Dave Meredith has 311 names for e-mail for the bayonet.  Stacy sent out 40
complimentary copies of the bulletin, however, only 1 of those resulted in a
membership.  Evan suggested that each meet director appoint a person to be a
greeter from 11:00 to 1:00 at meets.   This is a good way to talk to
perspective members.  Evan did this at the Presidio and felt it was

The Bay Area Backroads television program would like to cover an event on
Tuesday, Nov 3.   Jeanette Regala is doing the segment and it can only be
done on Tuesday, Nov 3.   Joe Scarborough has volunteered to set 3 courses
at Joaquin Miller for this event.  They intend to film someone on course as
well as conduct interviews and film other activities.  Scott Aster reports
that we have 18 people in the club who have already volunteered to be at the
event, and they represent a wide age range.  Evan is taking over the
administrative aspects.  It will take place in the morning.  Joe intends to
set a yellow course and an advanced short sprint with a motala format.  Bob
Cooley suggests filming at a difficult control to watch the approaches.  It
was suggested that we send them one of our videos so they can get an idea of
what to expect.

Nancy suggested advertising the showing of this program, by way of
newspaper ads, etc.  She wants to get advanced warning of the showing date,
which has not been provided.  Aileen suggested that we recommend a good
timing, perhaps to coincide with an upcoming A-meet.  She also suggested
that we get a copy of the taping for publicity.  Nancy would like to bring
her first grade class (20 students) for the taping.  They would be
accompanied by adults. This would require a White course.

Outreach at schools was also suggested as a publicity tool.   Coyote Hills
is an excellent location for school groups.  Louise has a white course for
Coyote Hills that was used for a 3rd grade class last year and was very
successful.  Gary suggested setting up a permanent White course for schools
at Coyote Hills.

Evan reported that our policy on Website advertising is to accept ads but
to reserve the right to refuse.  Rates are based on full page, half page,
members, non-members and are published on the bayonet. Rates are pretty low
compared to other Web sites.  Wyatt suggests that we use an agent.  Evan
suggested that we explore that later if the need arises. Marsha asked
whether our non-profit status could be threatened if we start selling ads.
Evan replied that since we have no paid employees, make no profit, and
distribute no dividends, we are not jeopardizing our status. George pointed
out that our status is a recreational organization, and  if we get more
money from ads than entries, then maybe there could be a problem.  It is not
expected that ads will generate that kind of revenue.  There was a motion to
accept the rates as presented. Discussion included a question from Marsha
about inappropriate advertisements. Evan directed Stacy and Wyatt to filter
ads;  Motion passed unanimously.

11.  1998 BIG BASIN "A" MEET REPORT - Thorsten Graeve
Thorsten reported that A meet activities are on schedule. Advertisements are
out.  Evan wrote an article for the upcoming ONA.  Tony has fliers for REI,
etc for recreational entries.  Fliers are also available for members to
post, distribute, etc. Runners Schedule has ad, and the Mercury News will
run an ad.  Courses are 90% complete.  All streamers are out and field
checking is starting.  Courses are 20% short of standard kilometer lengths
although winning times should be about right due to the terrain.  Thorsten
and Dennis Wildfogel will be vetting advanced courses.  Thorsten distributed
a memo containing the status of the various activities for the meet. We need
a volunteer to coordinate van shuttles for day 1.  Big cars or vans are also
needed.  Camping was $300 instead of $150.  10 entries have submitted so

12. 1999 SCHEDULE- Scott Aster
Scott distributed a proposed 1999 BAOC calendar and is trying to find meet
directors for many meets.  We are not allowed in Calero in the spring
anymore, only in the fall.  Dan Stoll is directing Las Trampas and needs
help manning the event.  We need a meet director for Joe Grant in January.
If you can be a meet director, but cannot accommodate the proposed date,
please make a recommendation and we will try to accommodate.  Many events
have been changed for this reason.  The calendar has shaded areas
represented important external events.  Dennis Wildfogel volunteered doing a
sprint championship.  Mother's day is a conflict for the Golden Gate Park
meet, May 9.  July 21-25 is the Pacific Northwest festival.  The schedule is
light in January and February because of weather.  Scott suggests doing team
directing.  Bruce will do the Goat at Shell Ridge.   If all meets occur, we
will have one more day in 1999 than 1998.  October is the deadline for
filling in the spots.  Does anyone want to do Diamond park?  Steve Gregg

Evan has submitted the bid for the US Championships at Spooner Lake in 1999
and it is expected that we will get it.  It will be voted on Oct 17 at USOF
in NY.  Spooner Lake is at Lake Tahoe, between Incline Village and South
Lake Tahoe.  The park ranger is enthusiastic and is only charging $25.  The Forest
service owns a small piece of the map.  We are looking for a dedicated
vetter.  Tony has produced a preliminary flier.  A housing referral service
will be suggested for housing in the area. Scott suggests using a casino as
a headquarters, which may be a draw for out-of-town guests.  A casino will
be the banquet location.  The meet will consist of a 2 day US Championship
and model event.   Steve is the  registrar.  Bob Cooley and Steve Smith will
be course setters.  We expect 250 entries.  Evan would like to investigate
software for the event. OEVENT ($150) was used by the Houston club in a big
event recently.  No one present was interested in exploring and it was
suggested that for 250 entries, the current use of EXCEL spreadsheets should
be sufficient.

Evan has submitted a bid for USOF Convention at the Sierra 2000 O Festival. USOF
board will also vote on this issue.  The proposed dates are August 1 through
August 6. Bob Cooley and Joe Scarborough will set courses.  George Minarik
is in charge of the convention.  Northstar rates will be $36/person, for a 3
bedroom, 2 bath condo) if
reserved in advance. Need to start advertising and need to map Northstar
(earlier discussion). Gary suggests we offer camping alternative for youths,
etc.  A Youth hostel is available in Truckee, and good camping exists at
Donner Lake with showers.

Gary distributed a memo describing USOF's long range growth plan. This
process has been conducted for about a year.  USOF is looking for support
from clubs.  If passed, it will apply for 10 years.  The plan specifies
extensive outreach programs.  Participation in the US is 1/100th of that of
Denmark.  We would like to get membership rates up to 2nd tier countries.
The plan has 6 main objectives:  build consensus to grow; establish new
clubs (60 clubs today, looking to 600); focus club activities on growth;
develop thriving competition; coordinate national and local promotion and
marketing; increase fundraising efforts and sponsorship.

Discussion:  Mark Blair supports the adopt-a-college concept to start new
clubs.  Ev Beuerman suggested that we target the 15-25 year old population
to reach the goals for membership in 10 years.  USOF membership has been
growing at 2% per year.  George shared that Scandinavia is worrying about
decline in the sport as well.  Most countries are reporting flat or falling
membership.  France has an orienteering jingle!

Gary reported that in most non-profit organizations, where there exits  a
national organization behind it, it is customary to have local membership
imply national memberships. One benefit of this would be that local members
would automatically receive ONA.  However, it also implies that  member dues
would have to go up.  Tapio suggested we target the trail running community.
Evan suggests publishing our calendar in local event calendars, such as the
Sierra Club bulletin.  Nancy suggested we add a long pink trail run and
advertise to trail runners.

Gary would like a resolution for support: BAOC supports the USOF long range
growth plan;  Gary hears from others that BAOC is one of the best run and
best managed O clubs in the country and people will look to us for support.
Marsha suggested a subcommittee for constructive comments to relay to the
USOF board or Gary and to determine how BAOC can help the cause.  A
committee was started including: Marsha Jacobs, Nancy Lindeman, Nick
Corsano, and Mark Blair. The motion of support the USOF growth plan passed
unanimously.  Another suggestion for targeting membership was the Junior
ROTC program. Maybe we should have a Junior ROTC event (junior high and hi

Evan investigated USOF guidelines for winning times and recommended that we
adopt them as a standard.  Basically, the winning time is predicted for a
100 point USOF runner.  White, for example, is 25-30 minutes and Green is 50-55
minutes.  There was a motion to accept the USOF guidelines.  There was much
discussion.  There was a concern that meeting these requirements for 100
point runners will skew the course towards lengthier  courses.  This may
discourage average runners.  On the other hand, discouraged runners are
probably not on the right course.  Evan felt that metrics should be used.
Gary points out that he has never completed brown in 45 minutes in BAOC.
The challenge with meeting these guidelines is that BAOC terrain is slow.
Gary  pointed out that the White course is designed to the 12 year old
runner, but we are trying to attract families to this course so the
guidelines may be inappropriate.  He suggested using distance for white and
yellow, instead of times.  This discussion applies to B meets only.  There
was also a concern about educating course setters to this affect.  Evan is
doing workshops, will publish guidelines and Ian will work on quality.
Since there was not a consensus on this issue, Evan suggested that we table
it.  The motion was amended to adopt the guidelines for advanced courses
only according to the USOF guidelines for B meet.  This would also apply to
2 day A meets.  Passed by majority vote; 2 no votes.

Nancy Lindeman, Gary Kraght, Ev and Jean Beuerman, and Bob Cooley will form
the committee to select the recipient for the 1998 service award.

Bulletin - Stacy is soliciting pictures and advertisements for the bulletin
Juniors - Nick Corsano reported that Vickie Woolworth has a proposal for a
Patch club for Juniors.  She would like feedback on the proposal.
Social - Louise Madrid will be soliciting ideas for the Christmas pot luck.
Publicity - Nancy Lindeman and Tony Pinkham need pictures of Spooner Lake
without snow for advertising.
Outreach - Aileen Abernathy and Marsha Jacobs are doing talks at REI.

18. NEXT BOD MEETING: Monday Dec 7th in Oakland

Meeting was adjourned at 10:00 PM.