Minutes of Dec. 1997 BAOC Meeting

by Brenda Giese

Call to Order

The meeting came to order at 7:00 PM in Oakland, California.

Board members present were Evan Custer, Scott Aster, Brenda Giese, George Minarik, Bob Cooley, Mark Blair, Ev and Jean Beuerman, Joe Scarborough, Gary Kraght, Nick Corsano, Nancy Lindeman, Steve Gregg.

Other members present were Aileen Abernathy, Tony Pinkham, Stacy Robinson, Harold DeMoss.

Approvals -  The Board voted in and welcomed Brenda Giese as the new Secretary. Minutes from both the June 16 and the September 15 BAOC Board of Directors Meetings were approved unanimously. They are now available on the Bay-O Net. Several new appointments were approved: Stacy Robinson as the new Bulletin Editor (effective 1/1/98), Steve Gregg for Training, Aileen Abernathy as the Outreach Liaison, and Wyatt Riley as the Webmaster.

President's Report

Congratulations were extended to Ev and Jean Beuerman for their Service Award and to Joe Scarborough for his U.S. Championship! New volunteers include Alan Glendinning for South Bay Equipment, Rosemary Johnson, East Bay Permits, Joan Roos and Judy Koehler, Publicity, Josh Friederichs, East Bay Registration, and Hugh Wright and Marsha Jacobs, database managers. Congratulations also go out to Wyatt Riley and Angelika Kisel who are soon to be married.

The Sierra 2000 revised proposal was discussed at great length. Evan Custer proposed an abbreviated version of the six day event, which would include the North America and/or the US Championships on weekends, and midweek "A" events. The locations would include Spooner Lake on the east side of Lake Tahoe, for which a map has been completed, and Burton Creek State Park and Dollar Reservoir just north of Tahoe City, for which maps are not yet made. Another location under consideration is the Tahoe National Forest north of Truckee near Boca Reservoir, which also is unmapped. Bob Cooley has contacted the Tahoe National Forest Service to request a permit. It may be several weeks before a reply is received.

Objections were raised regarding this event due to the expense of making maps in the Sierra, lack of future use of these maps, and lack of sufficient manpower for a six day event. There would be a need for one or two of these new maps. It was proposed to increase membership fees to help cover some of these costs. There was agreement not to increase entry fees. Note that the North America and US Championships both require USOF Board of Directors approval. Gary Kraght said that he was opposed to splitting the North America and US Championships, as they have traditionally been placed together on back-to-back weekends either by the same club or by two clubs near one another. This is not a policy, but a tradition. Mark Blair said he was concerned about the lack of manpower as a show stopper. Scott Blair recommended a shorter event without either the North America or US Championships, just 'A' meets. Evan Custer brought forward the question as to whether we should change the proposal for the six day event. The six day event had already been approved by the BAOC Board of Directors at the June meeting, but the budget has not.

The map situation was discussed by Bob Cooley. Spooner Lake is steeper than Annadel, has many rock features, and has about 12 square km checked. The map has already been drawn. Burton Creek State Park is flat, not very rocky, has pine forest, and non-complex topography. It would cover an area of about 11 square km. Boca Reservoir is level, has meadows, little brush, is not rocky and has some contour detail but not many point features. It covers an area of about 15 square km. It is very similar to Colorado terrain.

Evan Custer recommended that the Board vote on the two new maps. Burton Creek map was approved 13 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain. The expected cost is $6,000. Boca Reservoir was approved 8 yes, 4 no, 1 abstain. The expected cost is $8,000. Funding of Boca will be through the "Bank of Bob" and/or a USOF loan.

Scott Aster made a motion to rescind the six day event and adopt a three day event which would have a convention and leave the Championship event as an open question. The three day event would be held in August 2000.

Gary Kraght made a motion to adopt the three day plan but to specify that the US Championship is not included and will be deferred to 2001. This motion was dropped as there was no second.

The motion made by Scott Aster was approved 8 yes, 5 no, 0 abstain. A US Championship proposal may be submitted at the next BAOC Board meeting.

Treasurer's Report

George Minarik passed out the BAOC 1997 Budget and the 1998 Proposed Budget. He reported that the 1997 income and expenses were both equally underestimated. He made a motion that we overspend $1700 extra on equipment for new controls and possibly new stands. He preferred to overspend rather than revise the budget. The overspend was approved 13 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain, and therefore was authorized by the BAOC Board.

Evan Custer reported that the current membership dues do not pay for the cost per member to the club. Brenda Giese suggested that the Bulletin could be sent to some members by electronic mail rather than through U.S. Mail to save on postage costs. Evan Custer said that idea is being investigated. Gary Kraght made a motion to increase the membership dues as follows: Individual $15, Family $18, Junior no increase (remain at $6), Contributor $30. Aileen Abernathy made an amended motion to increase the Family dues to $20. The amended motion was approved 10 yes, 3 no. The motion was approved 11 yes, 0 no, 2 abstain.

The 1998 proposed budget has a new allocation of $7,000 for the Boca Reservoir map. The funds for the Burton Creek map had already been allocated. Outreach was allocated $150 for business cards, and Publicity was allocated $100 for brochures. The 1998 proposed budget was modified to reflect these changes, leaving a 1998 estimated year end bank balance of $340, total expenses of $39,985, and a net income of <$8,115>. This 1998 proposed budget was approved 12 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain.

Harold requested funds for the Rogaine trophy glass case. Evan Custer said it would be paid for by an anonymous donor.

Mapping Director's Report

Bob Cooley is currently giving field checking classes. An announcement will be put in the Bulletin.

Membership Survey Results

Evan Custer gave a detailed account of the results of the survey. A total of 400 surveys were sent out, with 188 response so far, yielding a 47% response rate which is very good. It was determined that the club needs to devise appropriate goals with respect to the information obtained from the survey.

Western States Champs Review

Tony Pinkham handed out a well-documented and informative Annadel 1997 report. Overall the event was a success. The total income from the event was $2,816, not accounting for the $9,000 mapping expense.

1998 Schedule

Scott Aster handed out the BAOC 1998 event schedule. There are 33 listed events. All have directors except for two: Briones on 3/29, and Diamond Park on 5/10.

Publicity and Marketing Plans for 1998

Nancy Lindeman passed out the "Why not try ORIENTEERING?" flyer which lists people to contact, the 1998 schedule and includes a membership application. She plans to target a few events in each of the North, South, and East Bay. She suggests a Scout event at either Joseph Grant or Spring Lake. Other ideas include a clinic at the Great Outdoors Adventure Fair on 2/28/98 - 3/1/98, finding Europeans in the U.S., encouraging participants to bring friends to events, and clinics for home-schoolers and teachers.

Outreach Liaison

Aileen Abernathy has scheduled the following outreach clinics: a singles group for about 25 people on 12/14/97 lead by Joe Scarborough, a Santa Rosa 4H in 1998 lead by Scott Aster, the Women's Sports Foundation in Fall 1998 lead by Bruce Wolfe, and Corporate Events in Fall 1998.

Equipment Report

Mark Blair reported that the equipment will be divided into three regions: North, South, and East. He suggested purchasing about 50 control stands @ $10 apiece. Evan Custer pointed out that they are nice on the course, but are heavy and bulky to carry. No further decision was made regarding control stands.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:00. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 16, 1998 at Stanford University.