Minutes: BAOC Board Meeting

Monday, December 9, 2002

by Nick Corsano

PRESENT: Scott Aster, Everett Beuerman, Jean Beuerman, Steve Beuerman, Mark Blair, Bob Cooley, Nick Corsano, Evan Custer, Olivia Graeve, Steve Gregg, Gary Kraght, Jeff Lanam, Nancy Lindeman, George Minarik, Bill Straka, Ian Tidswell, Abby Wolfe

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at the Alta Bates Imaging Center in Oakland. Nick Corsano took minutes in the absence of the Secretary.

1. Approval of September meeting minutes - Abby Wolfe

The minutes had referred to this fall's US Champs at Fallen Leaf Lake as a 2004 event instead of 2003. With this correction, the minutes were approved.

2. President's Report - Abby Wolfe

Abby congratulated Harold and Penny DeMoss on receiving the 2002 BAOC Distinguished Service Award, and Evan Custer on receiving the Silva Award from USOF. She reported that Ben Wahlstrand had been confirmed as web master by email vote of the board. She reported that the Bon Tempe Volunteer Appreciation Event was filled up. Event Director Trevor Pering had noted that only two people signed up for the Yellow/Orange course. USOF has announced that its insurance premiums, and hence costs to clubs, have risen sharply and are expected to do so again next year.

3. Wrapup: Almaden Quicksilver A-meet - Evan Custer

Event director Kelly Wells was praised for putting together a successful meet, capped by a smooth awards ceremony. The terrain turned out to be technically quite interesting. On the negative side, Almaden is not well suited to White and Yellow courses. The dinner was poorly attended; BAOC may forego an official dinner for future A meets in the immediate Bay Area.

4. Treasurer's Report - George Minarik

Event income has been strong this year. George expects the club to exceed budgeted income by about $3K and budgeted expenses by about $6K, with mapping and awards the items that went well over budget. The end of year balance will be about $4500. The club has a new revenue source - through Scott Aster's efforts, BAOC has received $900 in royalty revenue from McGraw-Hill. Scott reported that the Spring Lake map has appeared on the state of Indiana web site and in a textbook.

The 2003 budget was discussed at length. It is a tight budget, with North Joe Grant the only mapping project. Entry fees are projected to increase 20%, due to the US Champs, plus an extra A meet day. In reviewing the budget, amounts for publicity, social and park permits were increased. The latter was seen as particularly volatile, as the impact of the state's financial crisis trickles down to the local level. The new projected year end balance is $1477. George felt there would not be a cash flow problem, since the income from the US Champs would be received relatively early in the year. With the above changes, the 2003 budget was approved on a voice vote.

5. Mapping report - Bob Cooley

Fallen Leaf Lake is done. Presidio has been remapped, now includes the western bluffs. More of Briones has also been remapped. Bob will map Vasona Lake County Park in Los Gatos this winter - it is a good beginner event venue. Next year's effort will be focused on North Joe Grant. It is about 24 sq km - Bob expects that about half will be mapped in 2003.

The board discussed whether there was need for the club to adopt a mapping policy like RMOC's governing how new areas were selected for mapping. It was agreed that there was no need for such a policy, but that we might include a statement on the web site that members can submit ideas for new locations to the mapping director.

6. Event Coordinator's Report - Evan Custer

USOF has produced a new short video. The club will purchase several copies so that each region will have one, plus copies for Publicity, Outreach and Juniors.

The schedule for the first half of 2003 is pretty well set, but summer is still thin. The three-day A meet for Memorial Day has been sanctioned. It will consist of a two-day combined time classic distance event, plus a short course. The board approved setting the base entry fee at $20. Day 1 of the Fallen Leaf event has been sanctioned as a World Ranking Event by IOF. Since LAOC is holding a two-day event at Vasquez Rocks the first weekend in December, it was agreed to move the holiday social and volunteer appreciation events back a week in 2003.

Ideas for 2004 A meets were discussed, including a 3-day Sierra meet in June (short course Friday afternoon, classic Saturday and Sunday). This could include the US Team Trials if there were no other bids. For fall 2004, the favored option was to hold a short course competition at Morgan Territory on Saturday and a long course on North Joe Grant on Sunday. We could bid for championship status on either or both. This could be held the last week in October or in the first two weeks of November.

7. 2003 US Championships sponsorship - Gary Kraght

Silva was exclusive sponsor of the 2002 US Champs, and would like to continue a relationship with USOF. Negotiations are underway for sponsorship of the 2003 US Champs. Silva would like to see 1000 participants at the Champs. Gary also has contacts in television, and is pursuing future opportunities there.

Ian Tidswell reported that the Tahoe Big Blue adventure race will be the Saturday of the Fallen Leaf Lake meet. He, Evan and Gary will be meeting with Todd Jackson, the director of Big Blue, to explore tie-in's between the events.

8. Senior Training Grant - Steve Gregg

Steve reported that the description and application form had been put on the web site.

9. Membership incentives - Ian Tidswell

Ian has distributed a survey of youth groups, but has not received a lot of responses. He will try to get more, and also to move ahead on the new member packet idea.

10. Emergency plan - Bill Straka

USOF now requires clubs to have an emergency plan in place for A meets. They developed a sample plan, with specific provisions about youth groups. Bill developed a draft BAOC plan based on the USOF sample and current club practices. There was concern over whether the adoption of the plan would in fact increase the club's legal liability, and whether it would be better to present the plan as guidelines rather than rules. It was decided to seek legal advice - Abby and Bill will follow up with Meg Gerstner, and the subject will be discussed again at the next board meeting.

11. Directors' reports

Equipment (Mark Blair): The highest priority is to acquire good 3-sided tents. Mark also reported he is in the process of converting Indian Valley to OCAD.

E-punch (Evan Custer for Robert Lewis): Four people took the e-punch workshop at Stanford.

Juniors (Nick Corsano): A survey was sent to club members who indicated "Youth Activities" as an area of interest on their registration forms, but few responses have been received. Nick is looking for people to serve on the Junior Grant Committee.

Event Quality (Ian Tidswell): Ian has been in touch with meet directors to make sure that courses are being vetted.

Publicity (Nancy Lindeman): An article about orienteering and BAOC ran in "Adventure Sports". Nancy plans to list our meets in City Sports magazine.

Bulletin (Jeff Lanam): Jeff is printing 500 copies of each issue; about 370 are mailed to members. He will get a stamp marked "Complimentary Copy" for the Bulletins that are mailed to first-time orienteers. Jeff reported that no postage rate increases are expected in 2003.

Website (Abby Wolfe for Ben Wahlstrand): The site will be redesigned in 2003. Vickie Lee will assist Ben with the visual part.

Outreach (Scott Aster): Scott has been in contact with the organizers of a corporate challenge event who are interested in including orienteering in their activities. This would be during the last two weeks of September or the first week of October, and could involve 80 companies.

Social (Olivia Graeve): Olivia plans to host a club social activity at her home in the spring.

No additional reports from membership, registration, training or USOF.

12. New Business

Abby reported that the club needs a Start-O coordinator.

Next meeting: Set for Monday, March 3 at Stanford.

The meeting adjourned at 10:10.