Minutes: March 2000 BAOC Board Meeting

by Meg Gerstner, Secretary

PRESENT: Aileen Abernathy, Scott Aster, Everett Beuerman, Jean Beuerman, Steve Beuerman, Mark Blair, Bob Cooley, Nick Corsano, Evan Custer, Harold DeMoss, Meg Gerstner, Stacy Goss, Steve Gregg, Marsha Jacobs, Rosemary Johnson, Gary Kraght, Nancy Lindeman, George Minarik, Syd Reader, Chuck Spalding, Ian Tidswell.

The March 6 meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at the Allen Center for Integrated Systems at Stanford University.


The minutes of the December 6, 1999, board meeting were approved.


Scott indicated that several topics of interest were to be discussed separately later in the meeting. These included National Orienteering Day plans, the report of the Junior Scholarship Committee, the status of Sierra 2000, and e-punching.

3. TREASURER'S REPORT - George Minarik

George reported that our event income was down, due to rain at every event so far this year. Our spending will need to be conservative for the rest of the year.

4. SIERRA 2000 UPDATE - Evan Custer

Evan presented a detailed update of the plans for this 9-day orienteering festival, which includes a Spooner Lake B-meet on Saturday, July 29th, a relay event sponsored by GCO on July 30th, the Convention from August 1st to 4th (including a Sawmill Creek A-meet on Wednesday; Mountain Bike O on Thursday; Vampire-O on Thursday; and many skills workshops), and a Burton Creek A-meet on August 5th and 6th. Among the highlights will be electronic punching. Everything is basically under control, and although the maps are not yet finished, Bob Cooley is not concerned.


Mark delivered a report on the status of e-punching: Our order of 30 controls and 50 cards from SportIdent has been delayed due to the earthquake in Taiwan, but the equipment should be received by March 20th. Mark reported that we will have 120 stands (i.e. metal sticks with hooks) for either e-punch or normal equipment. He demonstrated a proposed design for a "CUB", i.e. control unit bracket, to allow installation of the e-punch equipment, and requested that the Board authorize the purchase of an additional 90 holders (to be attached to the CUBs), at about $2.70/holder. A motion was passed authorizing Mark to purchase the holders following a successful trial event.

About ten people have expressed interest in being part of the volunteer team to learn to operate the e-punching equipment. Evan reported that USOF is discussing the purchase of e-punching equipment which will be available for rent by clubs, and DVOA is also purchasing a 30-unit starter kit.

6. JUNIOR TRAINING GRANT - Nick Corsano/Scott Aster

Nick reported that a committee of Scott, Steve Gregg (training director), Sarah Minarik (a junior), Gavin Wyatt-Mair (father of a junior), and Nick (chair of committee) met and determined the criteria for funding a grant for juniors in order to foster training. The criteria are any orienteer under the age of 21 is eligible to apply if a member of BAOC or GCO, has orienteered for at least one year, and competes at the orange level or above.

The committee's view was that the grant could be used in a number of different ways, e.g. to attend an A-meet, participate in an official junior event, or train in Europe. The application was in the March Bulletin, with the intent that applications would be received by April, and a decision made by May. (The process would probably begin in January next year.) The total allocation of $1000 could be awarded to one or more juniors, who would make their best efforts to use the grant as planned, and then would report to the Board and in the bulletin. Information concerning the juniors awarded the grants would be public, but not who else applied or the amounts awarded.

Discussion following Nick's report concerned the objective of the grant (e.g. to foster training and not a vacation), the need for general guidelines in making the decision, and what is the purpose of the grant (e.g. to develop elite juniors?). The committee will meet again shortly and discuss these additional points.


Harold said that this year's schedule is now basically full, although meet directors are still needed for Calero and Wilder Ranch, and an assistant for Syd Reader is needed for the December Stanford meet.


May 6th has been designated National Orienteering Day (NOD), and it will be "celebrated" at the Indian Valley meet that day, which will use e-punching, if feasible. Two additional events will be held that weekend on Sunday, May 7th at Joaquin Miller (Ian Tidswell, meet director) and Bayfront Park (Scott Aster, meet director). A flat $6 fee will be charged.

9. MAPPING REPORT - Bob Cooley

George Kirkov is working on maps for Burton Creek, Tamarancho, and Northstar, which should be finished in about one month. A base map of Fallen Leaf Lake has been received. Bob will do a little checking of Camp Concord this summer, and complete it next year. Bob has also spent time over the last few months on maps of Stanford, Golden Gate Park, and Briones. A basemap of Skyline Open Space has been received.

Scott reported on his attendance at a meeting at the Presidio concerning park usage, and said that the Park Service would like to have copies of our maps. Rosemary reported that fees are relatively high for the sections of the Presidio owned by the Park Service, compared to those owned by the Land Trust, which might affect how courses are set.


There was either no report or nothing additional to report for Equipment (Mark Blair), Event Quality (Ian Tidswell), and USOF Report (Gary Kraght).

Juniors (Nick Corsano): Nick has been approached by the San Mateo community college district, which would like to investigate the possibility of a series of events on its campuses. There also have been a number of inquiries from teachers and scout groups.

Web Page (Aileen Abernathy): Abby reported that she has restructured the web page to make it more efficient, and has added significant content (two years of results, rankings), in order to make it a useful archive for the club. This includes the policy of putting articles from the bulletin, e.g. training tips, on the web page. A visual redesign, adding more links, is in progress.

Outreach (Robert Lewis): Although Robert was not present, Scott reported that Robert has been very busy in this activity. Scott requested that club members participate with such activities, if requested.

Membership (Steve Beuerman): Membership is down about 10% since December, possibly due to the low turnout at meets. (Membership renewals are often made at meet registration.)

Publicity (Nancy Lindeman): Nancy suggested that we have special fliers for National Orienteering Day, as well as a special Sierra 2000 flier for those who may not have previously attended an A-meet or a convention. Nancy is also looking for volunteers for her school event on May 5th, which will be attended by 120 kids, 8 teachers, and 40 parents.

Bulletin (Stacy Goss): Stacy reported that she had just mailed out the latest bulletin.

Social (Scott Aster, acting): We are still in need of a Social Director. All interested candidates are asked to contact Scott.

Permits (Rosemary Johnson): Rosemary is working on the July event permits, but has received permits for most meets up to October.

Training (Steve Gregg): Steve questioned whether, with the Sierra 2000 events, we should cancel or scale-back the summer training events. Suggestions included the use of "self- serve" events at semi-permanent courses (e.g. one set up for a week, allowing participation at any time) and a Saturday event coordinated with a social activity. Steve will send out an announcement on Bayonet.

Registration (Jean and Ev Beuerman): Jean reported that we now have a tent, purchased by Ian Ramsey for the Golden Gate Park event, which will be kept in the Beuerman's van.


The proposed slate of candidates, to be elected at the Annual Meeting to be held on April 2nd at Stanford are: Scott Aster (president), George Minarik (treasurer), Harold and Penny DeMoss (event coordinators), and Meg Gerstner (secretary). Any club member interested in running for one of these positions can contact Scott up to about 10 minutes before the election.

12. NEW BUSINESS - Scott Aster

Stanford University's Orienteering Club will be sponsoring all meets on the Stanford campus, and will publicize them through their web site. Checks for these events will need to be payable to Stanford Orienteering Club. Scott also said that the ranger at China Camp has requested that BAOC volunteers act as "pathfinders" for work groups on Earth Day, April 22nd. Any interested people should contact Scott.

13. NEXT MEETING - Scott Aster

The next board meeting will be Monday, June 5th, at the Alta Bates Imaging Center. The meeting adjourned at 10:15 pm.